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Portable Electric Sampling System

Dedicated Electric Sampling System

Dedicated or portable sampling equipment,
which should I use?

Last month Geotech described the benefits of dedicated sampling systems, but not how to determine if they would work best for your site.

What follows are some key questions to determine whether dedicated or portable equipment is the best option for your project:

  • What is the overall duration of the project in years?
  • How long will you be responsible for the monitoring/sampling of the site
  • What is the overall sampling frequency for this site?
  • What are you sampling for (organics vs. inorganic or both)?
  • How many wells are there to sample?
  • What are the well diameters on this site?
  • Are low flow sampling protocols an option for this site?
  • Is there likelihood for sampling site expansion?
  • What are your lab costs for a suite of samples on a per well basis?
  • What is your sampling QA/QC ratio, (Equipment blanks, etc)?
  • What is the billable rate for your sampling personnel?
  • How much time is spent sampling each well now, (average)?
  • Approximately how much time per well is spent in the field for decontamination of portable equipment, QA/QC sampling, logistics of rental equipment, etc.?
  • What is the likelihood of cross contamination from portable equipment at this site?
  • What would be your overall costs for re-sampling a single well?
  • What is the up-front cost of a dedicated sampling system on a per well basis (approx.)?
  • With the overall savings in time, multiplied by the billable man hour rate plus the savings in lab costs, for field QA/QC samples, how long will it take to recoup the costs of dedicated equipment?

After answering the above questions contact Geotech to find out accurately which system will work best for you, dedicated or portable.

miniRAE 2000 PID

Photo Ionization Detector

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Product Information

Dedicated Sampling Systems


Product Specifications

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Product Specifications

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May 7-9, 2009
Caribe Royale Orlando
Orlando, Florida

2009 Florida Ground Water Association Annual Convention & Trade Show

This year’s convention will be held at the beautiful Caribe Royale Orlando, only 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World® and just minutes from dozens of other world-famous attractions and theme parks. Another large turnout is expected as this convention promises to be an excellent experience for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.



May 12-14, 2009
Austin Convention Center
Austin, Texas

Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality
2009 Environmental Trade Fair
& Conference

Make plans now to attend the TCEQ 2009 Environmental Trade Fair and Conference!
This annual event is Texas' premier environmental educational forum, considered by many to be one of the best in the country. It will feature more than 400 exhibits, speakers, and up to 12 hours of continuing education credits. This event is a must for professional engineers, MSW technicians and supervisors, wastewater and water operators, LPST corrective action project managers, and professional sanitarians.

June 8-11, 2009
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

WasteExpo 2009

Be sure to join us at North America’s largest solid waste and recycling trade show serving both the private and public sectors.

With over 520 exhibitors, WasteExpo is your opportunity to see and compare all of the latest equipment and technology in the industry, all under one roof, saving you time and money. With even more exhibitors on the show floor than before, you're bound to find the solutions you need. We will be there at Booth 6096, and if you give us a call by May 15, we'll be sure to bring along specific equipment that you would like to see or learn more about while you are there.

Request your
NEW Geotech Catalog

NEW Geotech Catalog is now 336 pages long and features more than 115 NEW PRODUCTS, fully illustrated, with specification charts and tables included.

There is a large resource section featuring the conversion tables, formulas and other reference information that environmental professionals need and use.

The catalog is divided into 12 environmental product categories:

RENTAL & REPAIR – Geotech rents and services most of the equipment we sell.

WATER SAMPLING – Instruments, pumps and accessories for sampling water.

SOIL SAMPLING – Tools and kits for soil sampling.

WATER LEVEL & PRESSURE – Meters for measuring water and product levels.

WATER QUALITY – Instrumentation for measuring and monitoring groundwater.

AIR QUALITY – Instruments for measuring air quality.

GEOPHYSICAL – Instruments for measuring subsurface geology.

SAMPLE FILTRATION – Filters and filter holders for groundwater sampling.

FREE PHASE REMEDIATION – Skimmers for removing non-mixed petroleum from water

TOTAL FLUID & DISSOLVED PHASE REMEDIATION – Equipment and accessories for removing LNAPL, DNAPLE and dissolved product from groundwater.

VAPOR PHASE REMEDIATION – Equipment for removing subsurface organic vapors.

FIELD EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES – Generators, cleansers, tubing, safety gear, well accessories and much, much more.

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