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August 2009
Nielson Fall School at Geotech

From their base in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Nielsen Environmental Field School staff travels across the U.S. to instruct numerous hands-on environmental field training programs on a wide variety of subject areas of utmost concern to the working environmental professional. Open-enrollment field courses are held at carefully selected locations across the U.S. that have proven to be popular destinations with students and where they have established field sites. Geotech is pleased to be added as a course site for Nielsen's Fall 2009 Field Course Schedule.

The Complete Ground-Water Monitoring Well Design, Construction and Development
October 19-20, 2009 – Denver, CO
This two-day field course examines in detail all elements of monitoring well and monitoring network design and well placement, including site-specific geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry; environmental drilling methods; and well design, construction and development per ASTM Standard Practices. For a detailed course outline.


The Complete Ground-Water
Monitoring Field Course

October 19-23, 2009 – Denver, CO
This comprehensive 5-day field course covers everything from environmental drilling/direct-push technology and monitoring well placement, design, construction and development to correct procedures for sampling ground water from monitoring wells.
For a detailed course outline.

The Complete Ground-Water
Sampling Field Course
October 21 - 23, 2009 - Denver, CO
This comprehensive 3-day course teaches the science behind ground-water sampling, and state-of-the-science procedures for developing sampling and analysis plans, implementing effective QA/QC protocols, collecting and handling ground-water samples and documenting sampling events.
For a detailed course outline.

AMS Soil Vapor Kit used at site


AMS gas vapor probe kits are excellent for monitoring and sampling hydrocarbon spill sites, underground storage tanks and pipelines! The kits use an AMS slide hammer or an electric rotary drive hammer and GVP drive extensions to insert a stainless steel soil gas vapor probe (GVP) to the desired sampling depth. Fluoropolymer tubing is attached to a barb fitting on the GVP for remote sampling from the surface. A kit vacuum hand pump may be attached to the upper end of the tube to extract samples of soil gas and deliver them to a Tedlar bag. Alternatively most PID and FID hydrocarbon detection instruments are provided with a positive displacement pump that may be directly connected to the fluoropolymer tube to obtain a direct reading of hydrocarbon concentration.

DEDICATED TIPS – The vapor inlet holes of the dedicated tips are slightly recessed and are protected by the drive tubes to prevent them from becoming clogged during installation. A fluoropolymer umbrella can be placed above the inlet holes before installation and unfolds when the drive tube is removed. The fluoropolymer umbrella creates a shield that further prevents dirt from plugging the inlet holes.

RETRACT-ATIP - The retract-a-tip can be inserted and subsequently removed without damaging the tip. When the sampling depth is reached, the drive tube is pulled up to expose the inlet holes for sampling. The point can then be driven deeper, reopened, and another sample taken.

Contact a Geotech soil specialist for more information about AMS gas vapor probe kits and how their different features may help you monitor and sample gas vapor in soil.

AMS Inc., is a leading provider of high quality sampling equipment. AMS sampling equipment is primarily used for environmental, geotechnical, and remediation uses as well as soil, soil gas, and groundwater monitoring, but also provides simple solutions for a variety of fields, including the agricultural industry. AMS has been a leader in soil gas sampling technologies since the development of the “original” AMS gas vapor probe. The “original” gas vapor probe is efficient, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Initially designed to take shallow gas vapor samples in soils to depths of about 4', new technologies are allowing newer versions of the AMS gas vapor probe to easily sample to 12', depending on soil conditions. AMS has developed and patented the dedicated AMS gas vapor tip and the AMS Retract-A-Tip for soil gas monitoring and surveying as well as taking shallow groundwater samples.

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Geotech Welcomes Interns from Oman
Geotech's new interns from Oman

Standing left to right: Khalil Al-Azri, Jeff Popiel (Geotech President & CEO), Candice Popiel (Geotech Organizational Development) and Asma Al-Balushi.
Kneeling left to right: Ammar Al-Rawahi, Aaisha Al-A'amri and Fathiya Al-Zakwani.

Please join Geotech’s home office in Denver as we welcome Ammar Al-Rawahi, Khalil Al-Azri, Aaisha Al-A'amri, Asma Al-Balushi and Fathiya Al-Zakwani, our esteemed guests and summer interns from the Middle Eastern country of Oman. The five are here until September 5th in conjunction with AIESEC (, a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization which provides leadership training to university-aged participants through cultural exchange.

AIESEC was formed in 1948 to help heal the wounds of World War II, and now provides traineeships in 107 countries. The AISEC-SALAAM program, initiated in response to 9/11, specifically aims to increase exchanges between the U.S. and the Middle East. Currently more than 70 American students and graduates have enjoyed the opportunity to work abroad in largely Islamic countries like Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and the UAE, while 50 Middle Eastern students and graduates have come to study and learn in the United States. During the exchange, all trainees, with their local AIESEC chapters, participate in ongoing cultural activities and community volunteer programs to continue creating awareness and understanding between our vastly different (and yet, in some ways, surprisingly similar) cultures.
In addition to learning the basics of the environmental equipment industry, our interns have been contributing their strong marketing research skills to help Geotech identify and approach mutually beneficial sales opportunities throughout the Middle East.

As an active member of the environmental equipment community,
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. supports programs and organizations
recognized as the preeminent resources of technological and science-based
advances in our industry.

August 1-3, 2009
Myrtle Beach Convention Center
Myrtle Beach, SC

The 54th South Atlantic
Well Drillers Jubilee

Plan now to attend the 2009 Well Drillers Jubilee. The theme is “Integrated Water Systems: The Wave of the Future.” As the industry’s premiere conference and trade show, the Jubilee offers a first rate trade show, challenging continuing education classes with enough credit hours for all states, and the chance to meet and learn from hundreds of experienced industry practitioners. New technology, new products, new ideas and specialized training are all part of what the Jubilee offers.


September 22-24, 2009
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, C

The Power Of Solid Waste

Join us for SWANA's 47th Annual Solid Waste Exhibition. This year SWANA is once again bringing the best educational, networking and exhibiting opportunities for solid waste professionals to one location! This year, WASTECON focuses in on the Power of Solid Waste with a whole schedule of action packed education, exhibits and networking events. Geotech will be there at booth 1551 and if you give us a call by September 8 we will be happy to bring along the equipment that you would be most interested in seeing and learning about while you are there.

Weftec 2009 the water quality event

October 10-14, 2009
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, F


82nd Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference

The largest water quality event in North America is heading to the Sunshine State! The latest in water quality research, technology and services will be on display at WEFTEC.09. WEFTEC offers the best water quality education and training available today and is a leading source for water quality developments, research, regulations, solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. Join thousands of water and wastewater professionals at WEFTEC.09 – The Water Quality Event!

Visit us at Booth 2211, A Hall, and if you give us a call by October 2 we will be happy to bring along the equipment that you would be most interested in seeing and learning about while you are there.

The Nielsen Environmental Field School

October 19-23, 2009
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
Denver, CO

Nielsen Environmental
Field School

Fall 2009 Field Course Schedule
Denver, Colorado

Geotech is pleased to be added as a course site for Nielsen's Fall 2009 Field Course Schedule.

Ground-Water Monitoring Well Design,
Construction and Development

October 19-20, 2009 – Denver, CO
This two-day field course examines in detail all elements of monitoring well and monitoring network design.

The Complete Ground-Water Monitoring Field Course
October 19-23, 2009 – Denver, CO
This 5-day field course covers everything for sampling ground water from monitoring wells.

The Complete Ground-Water Sampling Field Course
October 21 - 23, 2009 - Denver, CO
This 3-day course teaches everything about groundwater sampling.


Brownfields 2009 Sustainable Communities Start Here

November 16-18, 2009
New Orleans Convention Center
New Orleans, LA

Brownfields 2009

The National Brownfields Conference

With nearly 6,000 registrations the U.S. EPA and ICMA co-sponsored National Brownfields Conference is the premier event of its kind. The most important issues facing brownfields practitioners, policy makers, communities and companies are addressed at the National Brownfields Conference.

The largest annual gathering of redevelopment and revitalization practitioners also features a dynamic exhibit hall and lively trade show. Visit us at Booth 725, and if you give us a call by November 6 we will be happy to bring along the equipment that you would be most interested in seeing and learning about.

Request your
NEW Geotech Catalog

NEW Geotech Catalog is now 336 pages long and features more than 115 NEW PRODUCTS, fully illustrated, with specification charts and tables included.

There is a large resource section featuring the conversion tables, formulas and other reference information that environmental professionals need and use.

The catalog is divided into 12 environmental product categories:

RENTAL & REPAIR – Geotech rents and services most of the equipment we sell.

WATER SAMPLING – Instruments, pumps and accessories for sampling water.

SOIL SAMPLING – Tools and kits for soil sampling.

WATER LEVEL & PRESSURE – Meters for measuring water and product levels.

WATER QUALITY – Instrumentation for measuring and monitoring groundwater.

AIR QUALITY – Instruments for measuring air quality.

GEOPHYSICAL – Instruments for measuring subsurface geology.

SAMPLE FILTRATION – Filters and filter holders for groundwater sampling.

FREE PHASE REMEDIATION – Skimmers for removing non-mixed petroleum from water

TOTAL FLUID & DISSOLVED PHASE REMEDIATION – Equipment and accessories for removing LNAPL, DNAPLE and dissolved product from groundwater.

VAPOR PHASE REMEDIATION – Equipment for removing subsurface organic vapors.

FIELD EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES – Generators, cleansers, tubing, safety gear, well accessories and much, much more.

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