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December 2012

Geotech Environmental Control Module (GECM) Pneumatic Pump Controller.

More pneumatic well pump control and productivity with less effort and equipment.

Geotech Environmental Control Module Pneumatic Pump Controller


The Geotech Environmental Control Module (GECM) Pneumatic Pump Controller is a unique pneumatic pump control system used for operating most downwell pneumatic remediation or sampling pumps. The power used to run the GECM Pneumatic Pump Controller can be generated on-site by solar panels or from an AC electrical source. When the system is properly outfitted, it can handle pressures up to 150 PSI (10.3 bar). Maximum depth to fluid pumping capability is 320 feet (100m) below ground surface. Tubing size requirements will vary depending on the pump type and the length of tubing runs. Geotech can assist in determining these parameters to meet your specific site installation requirements.

The GECM Pneumatic Pump Controller greatly reduces total fluid pump maintenance by simplifying the downwell components and placing the timing and control mechanisms at the surface.

GECM AC Powered System

GECM AC System

The system is ideally suited for use with Geotech's Reclaimer pumps. Reclaimer pumps can be purchased in a variety of lengths and intake configurations to meet your site's needs.

The standard GECM Pneumatic Pump Controller can be configured for either AC power or a 12VDC battery that is charged with an attached solar panel. Multiple channel controls can be implemented in areas where there are multiple recovery wells within close. Up to eight separate wells can be operated per controller. Clean, dry air is recommended.


Ease of Deployment
The GECM Pneumatic Pump Controller can reduce overall project costs and dramatically improve deployment as follows:

  • Flexible, easy-to-install power supply options.
  • Optional simple and safe low voltage solar power systems can be installed with minimal experience.
  • Remote operability can reduce overall costs of system installation and maintenance.
  • Reduce down well component complexity by placing the timing and control mechanisms on the surface.

GECM Solar Powered System

GECM Solar System

GECM Operation
The GECM pneumatic pump controller has an integrated programmable cycle timer for controlling the individual pump times and the time between each cycle. Optimal timer settings will vary with site configuration, seasonal water table variability, process treatment requirements and various pump specifications.

On multiple channel GECM systems, pressure and delay cycles are set individually per well. This accommodates recharge and recovery rates unique to individual wells at the same site. A variety of timer setups can be implemented to maximize recovery. For example; different wells can be pumped more or less often than the others to maximize recovery. The programming prioritizes the pumps so only one pump is operating at a time.

The GECM controller has several feedback data recording mechanisms that can be used to gauge effectiveness of the remediation system. Two cycle counter screens are available, one records the total lifetime cycles of the controller, the other counter is resettable by the user for monitoring purposes.


These cycle counts can be compared with total recovered fluid to determine how much fluid is being recovered per pump cycle. There is also a runtime clock which only increments when the battery is charged or the unit is receiving AC power and when the system is operating. This clock can be compared with actual recorded deployment time to determine if more solar panels are required to keep the system up and running or if power outages are occurring on the site.

Geotech offers training on the proper installation and operation of your GECM system at it's Denver, Colorado manufacturing headquarters.

Contact Geotech to find out how the GECM Pneumatic Pump Controller can cut costs and time at your well site: 1-800-833-7958.

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Geotech November 2012 Photo Competition Winner

Will Kaage, an Environmental Specialist with AATA International, Inc., took this picture while assistant Ping Wang collects water quality samples using a Geotech dispos-a-filter™ and Geotech geopump peristaltic pump. The sampling was being done for the King-king Copper-Gold Project on Mindanao, Philippines.

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Used Equipment Deals

Featured Product

Geocontrol Pro Rental Kit

Geotech geocontrol PRO

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Featured Product
YSI 556 MPS Rental Kit
Multi-probe water quality field meter.
Full kit includes carry case,
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Flow cell available separately.

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Look for Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. at the events listed below.

Four States Irrigation Council

January 16-18, 2013

Four States Irrigation Council
60th Annual Meeting

Workshops, general sessions, and exhibitor hall give members from Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming solutions to irrigation-related problems.

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presented byBattelle

February 4-7, 2013

Seventh International Conference on
Remediation of Contaminated Sediments

The Conference is organized and presented by Battelle, and the 2013 Conference sponsors are public- and private-sector organizations active in environmental assessment, remediation, and management. 1,100 scientists, engineers, regulators, remediation site owners, and other environmental professionals, representing universities, government agencies, consultants, and R&D and service firms from around the world are expected.

For more information

Colorado Rural Water Association

February 13-14, 2013

Colorado Rural Water Association
2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition

This year’s conference on Colorado Rural Water, Wastewater, Source Water, Groundwater, Management and Operation Certification issues covers a wide range of programs with multi-simultaneous sessions.

For more information

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

Colorado Mining Association

February 24-27, 2013

2013 SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit and CMA 115th National Western Mining Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2013 Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Annual Meeting & Exhibit and the 115th National Western Mining Conference, to be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

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Geotech Catalog is now 336 pages and features more than 115 NEW PRODUCTS, fully illustrated, with specification charts and tables included.

There is a large resource section featuring the conversion tables, formulas and other reference information that environmental professionals need and use.

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