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January 2008

“You can be assured of the quality
and conformity of Geotech’s tubing
to meet your requirements”

Geotech understands the vital role that tubing can have when used with environmental equipment. Whether it is for the integrity of groundwater sampling or maintaining exact pump performance for precision pumping.

Because of the special demands placed on tubing used in environmental work, Geotech offers only tubing that is manufactured and tested to meet those requirements. To insure that our tubing is contaminant-free, Geotech uses only tubing made with virgin resins, never re-cycled materials. For added assurance, tubing is lab-tested for contaminates by independent laboratories.

Geotech now has the ability to manufacture its own Vinyl, Silicon and Polyethylene tubing to our exact specifications. These are our most popular tubing types and they will always be in stock in many sizes and at competitive prices. Geotech also stocks FEP, Tygon®, Viton®, and PVC Nylobraid® tubing. Bonded tubing for pumps is stocked in different sizes as well. Thicknesses, widths and lengths are to numerous to list here, but you can find this information with our downloadable tubing specifications and size guide. If you need advise about what kind and size of tubing you need, contact Geotech’s tubing experts at

As in years past, Geotech will not only be attending the 2008 North American Field Conference and Exposition in Tampa, Florida, but will also be working closely with Laura St. Pierre from YSI co-presenting three outdoor workshops. These workshops will address:
  • Performing Pump Tests with the YSI LevelScout
    Tuesday, January 15, Field Site 2, 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Using Flow Cells with Submersible Pump Technologies
    Wednesday, January 16, Field Site 2, 9:00am-10:00am
  • Low Flow Sampling with Optical Dissolved Oxygen Technology
    Wednesday, January 16, Field Site 2, 11:00am-Noon


In addition to the three outdoor workshops, Geotech will be working outdoors with a hands-on equipment demonstration using 12-volt sampling pump technologies for ground water.

• 12 Volt DC Pump Technologies Tuesday, January 15, Field Site 2, 11:00am-Noon

Geotech is excited to be working directly with the Environmental Field Conference, as we believe that education and research are fundamental to the success of environmental professionals everywhere. Please look for our booth at the exhibition, Geotech will there to answer any questions you have about our broad range of products, services and support.

Visit the 2008 Environmental Field Conference web site for more information.

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As an active member of the environmental equipment community,
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. supports programs and organizations recognized as the preeminent resources of technological and science-based advances in our industry.

January 14-16, 2008
The Embassy Suites Hotel
at the University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

2008 North American Environmental Field Conference and Exposition
Presented By:
The Nielsen Environmental Field School

Together, Geotech and YSI will be there demonstrating pumping tests with the new YSI Level Scout, using a flow cell with a submersible pump for ground water sampling, and low flow sampling with optical DO technology. See you there!

Join us in the Florida sunshine in January 2008 for 3 days of interactive indoor and outdoor workshops, conference presentations, field equipment demonstrations, an indoor exhibit hall, an outdoor exhibit area, and several scheduled social events. The theme will be "Advances in Environmental Site Characterization, Monitoring, Sampling and Remediation Technology".

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