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June, 2010

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2nd Annual
Geotech Field Days

June 24 – 25, 2010
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
2650 East 40th Avenue
Denver, Colorado


A high-energy event designed for our clients, featuring exhibits, equipment demos and hands-on training on a wide variety of state-of-the-industry environmental instruments. Learn about the latest technologies from professionals who have successfully employed them in real projects and from the designers and developers of the latest in field equipment and instrumentation. Let experts answer your questions, and take advantage of this opportunity to try out the equipment of your choice under real-world field conditions!

Highlights of the 2nd Annual Geotech Field Days:

  • Two days of interactive indoor and outdoor technical workshops and demos on topics ranging from Acoustic Doppler Measurement to Water Turbidity Measurement (and much, much more!).

  • More than 20 booths showcasing state-of-the-science environmental field equipment and services! Discuss your equipment needs on a one-on-one basis with some of the world's leading equipment manufacturers and service providers.

  • An open-house type indoor exhibit area providing a relaxed atmosphere for networking – complimentary food and drinks included!

  • And there are no charges to our customers and their guests from within the industry!

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Disposable Bailer Spotlight   Making a Better Bailer

"Have you ever had a bailer stick to the inside of a well?"

Geotech began making "a better bailer" right from the start. Manufactured with thick walls, Geotech Disposable Bailers are heavier than standard ones, and sink every time. You usually have to pay extra for a heavier bailer, making Geotech bailers a much better value. Our weighted disposable bailers are as heavy as most of the competition's double-weighted bailers, but without the extra cost! Other features include Geotech’s “Orbit Flux” design, which fills 33% faster than other bailers, and a V-notch at the top for trouble-free cord attachment and more accurate pouring.

Geotech bailers are manufactured under the strictest conditions. The polyethylene bailers are certified clean through independent laboratory testing and analysis. Made of virgin, FDA approved, high-density poly resin the polyethylene contains no plasticizers or additives. And, no re-grind's are accepted. The end pieces are fusion welded together for a stronger bailer, compared to a simple "spot weld". Additional bailer models are available in stainless steel, PTFE or clear PVC to meet specific sampling requirements.

Geotech's disposable bailer designs provide you with options and accessories, making them adaptable to almost any site-sampling requirements. Optional double check valve bailers isolate the sample, sealing as the bailer is removed from the well at specific depths. We also offer a "product sampler" accessory for floating hydrocarbons, and a VOC sampler using a unique design that allows sample transfer to VOA vials with minimal loss of VOCs.

Our Pressurized Disposable Bailers are special disposable bailers providing the convenience of using in-line Geotech dispos-a-filters™ in the field, when pumps are not available. A pneumatic hand pump is all you need to filter your samples directly from the bailer, saving time while maintaining sample integrity.

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accepting Governor's Award for Excellence

Geotech Accepts Governor's Award
For Excellence
In Exporting

Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. was awarded the 2010 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting for Large Manufacturers on May 19, 2010 at the World Trade Day 2010 Denver Conference. Geotech, a leading manufacturer of environmental equipment headquartered in Denver, has been providing state-of-the-industry products designed to address groundwater sampling, monitoring, filtration and remediation needs for government and private-sector clients since 1978.

The Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Exporting honor outstanding Colorado exporters and highlight the importance of international trade in promoting growth and development of the state’s economy. The awards have been presented annually since 1970 in a variety of categories, and recognize Colorado companies demonstrating outstanding commitment to international trade.

Accepting the award for Geotech were Jeffrey Popiel, CEO, and Bashir Bataille, International Sales Manager. Mr. Bataille, a session panel speaker, spoke about the specifics of doing business with Brazil, a rapidly emerging market. Emerging markets like Brazil, including China and India, currently enjoy strong economic growth, and are contributors to global recovery following the recent economic downturn. These countries and others boast a rapidly growing middle class of buyers with the potential to replace the American consumer as the driving force of future global economic growth.

World Trade Day 2010 sessions presented the knowledge and experience of export marketing experts like Mr. Bataille on additional topics including the utilization of social media and other tools for global markets, including the booming worldwide market for the Cleantech industry.


Geotech 2010 Charity Golf Tournament

Saturday June 26, 2010
Westwoods Golf Course
6655 Quaker,
Arvada, CO 80007

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South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee

July 31-August 2, 2010

The 55th Annual
South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee

Now in its 55th year, the South Atlantic Jubilee is known for bringing the newest and best in groundwater technologies, products and specialized training to the drilling industry and its affiliated professions.

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