Sacramento State University forensic students Sinai Yoo and Caitlin Harris

Geotech June 2016 Photo Competition Winner

Steven Wharton, a Registered Environmental Health Specialist working as a private consultant, volunteered his services after reading a news story about a boy from Quincy California who has been missing since 1967. A cadaver dog had recently alerted on a local well. With the help of the Geotech Sacramento office he devised a plan to sample the well water for traces of mitochondrial DNA of the missing boy that might be in the well.
"I extracted 12 water samples with the assistance of two forensic students from California State University, Sacramento, Sinai Yoo and Caitlin Harris."

Mr. Wharton rented a Geotech SS Geosub from the Sacramento Service Center. "Regional Sales Manager Michael LeBouef and Technician Spencer Firchau were awesome to work with. They demonstrated the equipment and were very patient with me as I practiced setting up and using the pump. They reassured me that if I had any challenges with the equipment in the field to call them and they would walk me through it."

You can read more about the well test at the Plumas News web site.

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