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Geotech Pressure Transducers are designed for ruggedness and long life to meet the demanding environments encountered in liquid level measurement and control. Highly adaptable, they can be used with dataloggers, monitoring equipment, and control remediation and landfill pumps.

Geotech submersible pressure transducers are 100% tested and calibrated for high static accuracy and repeatability. Measurements are temperature compensated over a wide temperature range. For barometric compensation requirements, Absolute or Sealed Gauge models can be chosen. User specified pressure ranges from 100-1000 psi for Sealed Gauge models and 15-1000 psi for Absolute models.

Geotech transducers are designed to be intrinsically safe and a NEW optional surge suppressor for lightning protection is available (requires both well and downwell components). In locations where signal interference is a special problem (such as coalbed methane operations) ask about the optional Probe Pal noise filter solution.

Geotech Pressure Transducers are housed in a corrosion resistant #316 stainless steel housing. The sensor has a 1/4" NPT process fitting with protective cap. Inline desiccant filled vent filler for moisture protection is standard with all vented gauge units. The standard cable is premium quality, proprietary, double-shielded, and polyurethane jacketed (Tefzel® or special purpose PVC cable options are available upon request).

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Solar Sipper
& AC Sipper

Pump up to
50 gallons a day
with unique remediation systems

Solar Sipper

AC Sipper

SS Geosub
with Controller

Single stage DC pump samples from depths to 200 feet!

SS Geosub
AC Controller System

Filter Capsules

As low as $6.60 each!

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polyethylene bailers.
in many configurations and sizes.

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NEW Geotech Catalog

The NEW Geotech Catalog is now 336 pages long and features more than 115 NEW PRODUCTS, fully illustrated, with specification charts and tables included.

There is a large resource section with the type of conversion tables, formulas and other reference information that environmental professionals need and use.

The catalog is divided into 12 environmental product categories:

RENTAL & REPAIR – Geotech rents and repairs most of the equipment we sell.

WATER SAMPLING – Instruments, pumps and accessories for sampling water.

SOIL SAMPLING – Tools and kits for soil sampling.

WATER LEVEL & PRESSURE – Meters for measuring water and product levels.

WATER QUALITY – Instrumentation for measuring and monitoring groundwater.

AIR QUALITY – Instruments for measuring air quality.

GEOPHYSICAL – Instruments for measuring subsurface geology.

SAMPLE FILTRATION – Filters and filter holders for groundwater sampling.

FREE PHASE REMEDIATION – Skimmers for removing non-mixed petroleum from water

TOTAL FLUID & DISSOLVED PHASE REMEDIATION – Equipment and accessories for removing LNAPL, DNAPLE and dissolved product from groundwater.

VAPOR PHASE REMEDIATION – Equipment for removing subsurface organic vapors.

FIELD EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES – Generators, cleansers, tubing, safety gear, well accessories and much, much more.

In 2003 Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. became involved in SHARP, the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program run by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in conjunction with the Colorado State University On-Site Consultation Program. The purpose of the program is to recognize achievements by businesses in workplace health and safety.

Desire to establish a safe and healthy workplace is not enough. To make it happen, education is needed, and who better to educate than OSHA.

Recognition of Geotech safety and health excellence did not come quickly. It has taken many years of continuous involvement with SHARP and continued commitment by ownership, management, and workers to change old habits and promote a culture of safety excellence. The knowledge gained during this period has been invaluable and has aided our understanding of industry specific safety standards and regulations.

The construction of the new Denver facility in 2005-2006 was built with an emphasis on safety and health because of the lessons learned while participating in the program.

In October 2008, after many years of hard work, Geotech attained SHARP accreditation; Geotech is now one of only 46 Colorado businesses to have attained this status. Emergency action preparedness is fully in place, hazard communication program defined, lockout/tagout startup and shutdown procedures documented, safety manual and other safety related documents have been published and are reviewed on a continual basis by Geotech’s safety committee.

A comprehensive safety and health employee training program has been implemented and is supported by weekly safety meetings, and most importantly, have reduced the number of occupational injuries to a point well below the national average.

A committed safety culture is established at Geotech, which will continue to pursue excellence in all endeavors. The future is bright and will remain so, future challenges pose no real threat when met by those possessing the tools and drive to meet them head on.

As an active member of the environmental equipment community,
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. supports programs and organizations recognized as the preeminent resources of technological and science-based advances in our industry.

December 2-5
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

2008 NGWA
Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting

"Honor the past, treasure the present, and shape the future" is the theme as the NGWA celebrates its 60th anniversary. Water well contractors, scientists, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers will not want to miss this opportunity to learn, share, and work with peers to better understand the many issues and challenges affecting today's, and tomorrow's, ground water industry. Geotech will be at booth 0828 in the exhibit hall. If you give us a call by November 14, we will be happy to bring along the equipment that YOU would be most interested in seeing and learning about while you are there.

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