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November 2015

Fall Prep

Fall and Winter
Equipment Preparation

As Daylight Savings Time ends, there is no time to lose in getting your field work done. Fourth quarter monitoring and sampling can turn out to be some of the most challenging sampling events of the year. With shorter periods of daylight, there is also a potential for cooling and freezing temperatures as the seasons change and the end of the year draws near. It is very challenging to take water level measurements using the headlights of your truck to see the water level meter tape while it’s snowing or raining. Here are some helpful tips we’ve learned over the years from working through some of our seasonal troubleshooting calls.

Some equipment is susceptible to damage when the temperatures approach freezing. Water quality instruments, pumps and instruments that include pH probes, turbidity standards, reference solutions and water as a storage medium can be irreparably damaged from freezing. This damage can occur if this equipment is riding in the back of a truck during transit, or if stored in your locked vehicle overnight. Damaged equipment, whether owned by your company or on rent, could result in lost billable time and productivity in addition to repair or replacement costs because of freeze damage. Always store equipment indoors when possible. Securing a ground floor room at your favorite hotel can make a world of difference in mobilizing in the morning.

Winter groundwater sampling

Equipment Limitations:
It’s also important to keep in mind that many manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use of their equipment draw the functionality line at or just above freezing temperatures. This includes using PIDs during drilling or tank excavations for screening soils. Sometimes just taking a PID from a warm running vehicle to a cold job site can cause humidity to fog the PID lamp and generate erroneous or unreliable readings. It may be better to bring the sample to the equipment instead of the other way around. Keeping the PID at a consistent temperature may help keep the project moving along.



Equipment Servicing:
As holidays approach, consider taking advantage of scheduled down-time and send your equipment to Geotech for service, calibration or repair. Geotech services and repairs all of the equipment we sell. Geotech is also a warranty service center for YSI water quality equipment. Take advantage of the time between projects or sampling events and have your equipment fully functional, tested and ready to go! Turnaround times for most service is about a week after the equipment is received, or you can schedule in advance to have the service or repair performed even faster. Our technicians are the best in the industry and our goal is to maintain your equipment to be the most reliable! We document and track everything we service so you can have the confidence the work was performed right. We include calibration certificates with the instruments we service so you have a record of equipment performance. Whether it’s a readiness check, warranty service or factory cleaning and calibration service, contact your Geotech Account Manager for information on scheduling service today!

SS Geosub Calibration

Try Before You Buy:
Geotech offers many ways to lower the cost of buying equipment. We offer a generous “Try-Before-You-Buy” program. If you are interested in purchasing a new instrument or technology, many of the items we offer in our rental fleet qualify for this program, where up to half of the rental rate is applied toward up to half of the purchase price of the same equipment. Geotech also offers many pieces of equipment at “Pre-Owned” prices. As a manufacturer, we maintain the equipment we make and sell at the highest level possible in our rental fleet. Sometimes we offer this used rental equipment for sale. Please check with your Geotech Account Manager for available equipment.

Seasonal Tip:
Sometimes the simplest of equipment can help make this time of year more comfortable while working outdoors. Thermal glove liners are inexpensive, disposable and fit beneath your latex or nitrile gloves. Cold water and frozen fingers make for a miserable sampling event. Geotech is a provider of all your consumable field equipment needs, including gloves, glove liners, "Rite in the Rain"® field books, copy paper and pens, calibration standards for air and water quality equipment, tubing, filters, bailers, bailer string and more! We have nine regional service centers to serve you which in most cases are only one to two days shipping away.

Let Geotech help you plan ahead! We pride ourselves on looking out for our clients to help manage your equipment service and calibrations, at the best value. We have locations to serve you in Colorado, Texas, Northern and Southern California, Washington, Vermont, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina. In-store training is always no-charge to our clients, so let us help ensure the success of your field sampling event. And if you are passing through Denver, stop by for a tour of our world-class ISO certified, lean manufacturing facility.

Call for details.

10% Off YSI Professional Plus


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Receive 10% Off YSI Professional Plus instruments and accessories until the end of the year!

The YSI Professional Plus handheld water quality meter will be your go-to meter for your field applications. These meters are the toughest, smartest and most versatile handheld meters on the market.

The rugged design and field-worthiness of the Professional Plus instrument allows you to perform your job with confidence even in the harshest field conditions and with the lowest overall cost of ownership. Interchangeable probes and cables reduce down-time and keeps the Pro Plus ready whenever and wherever you are – field or lab.




The YSI Professional Plus accommodates any combination of Pro Series probe, cable, and accessory. This compact handheld includes multiple languages, detailed GLP data, on-screen Help functionality, auto-buffer recognition, milspec connectors, re-cal prompts, auto-stable and security passwords to help make your job easier.

Geotech provides quality service for your YSI equipment with factory certified technicians for maintenance, calibration and repair. Geotech also provides rentals of this fine instrument line. Geotech is an YSI Environmental warranty center for YSI field instruments including the 600 and EXO series.

Call for details.
Offer ends December 31, 2015.

Geotech October 2015 Photo Competition Winner

October 2015 Photo Competition Winner

Jeff Lynch, Environmental Water Technician for Cortina Indian Rancheria, conducting a U.S. EPA minimum draw-down groundwater sampling procedure on a monitoring well on the Rancheria. A Geotech SS Geosub pump and pump controller and a Geotech Geo Reel with FEP-lined polyethylene tubing is being used.

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Enter the Geotech
Product Photo Competition!

Take a Picture

Win valuable prizes and have some fun taking
action shots of people using
Geotech brand equipment!
Take as many pictures as you like!
A $100 gift card will be awarded each month!
Winning photos will be published in
Geotech's monthly electronic newsletter
and on the web site.

What constitutes a winning photograph? We'll award points if your photo...

  • only shows Geotech equipment in use by real workers at real sites,
  • close-ups of the Geotech equipment,
  • equipment being used safely in observance of the health and safety procedures required
  • has companion photos showing as much of the site and surrounding area as possible (with site owner's permission, of course),
  • is well composed: nice framing, interesting background… extra points if the viewer can tell what type of project you were working on,
  • has an unusual twist or story: equipment being used overseas, of an interesting project, or for humanitarian purposes… wildlife or Mother Nature butting/intruding… the perfect shot at sunset, etc.
  • Digital photos only, in jpg or tiff formats, 2 MB or larger if possible.

Entering the competition is easy, go here to review the rules and guidelines and download the entry form. Every entry must be accompanied by a completed Geotech Photo Competition Entry Form.

Geotech is Trading!

Trade-in any…
water level meter, interface meter,
peristaltic pump, bladder pump and controller,
electrical submersible pump and controller,

and receive a 10% off list price discount on the equivalent NEW Geotech product.
Call Geotech to find out what your equipment is worth and arrange your trade-in!


Used Equipment Deals
Featured Product

Geocontrol Pro Rental Kit

Geotech geocontrol PRO

Low flow sampling controller
with built-in compressor
Kit as shown above.

Featured Product
YSI 556 MPS Rental Kit
Multi-probe water quality field meter.
Full kit includes carry case,
instrument and probes.
Calibrated and tested to factory specifications.
Flow cell available separately.

Check our web site for great deals on
used equipment.

Look for Geotech at the events listed below.
AUVSI Rocky Mountain

November 10-11, 2015

AUVSI Rocky Mountain
2015 Annual Fall Symposium

Join us at the Wildlife Experience at the University of Colorado - South Campus for a two-day unmanned vehicle event with keynote and guest speakers from military, government, industry and education. We will have a booth set up to display our latest Leptron unmanned aerial vehicles and answer questions about how they can improve environmental work.

For more information

American Water Resources Association

November 16-19, 2015

2015 AWRA
Annual Water Resources Conference

The mile-high city of Denver, Colorado will host this year's American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Conference on Water Resources.

Please join us for an engaging week of cutting edge presentations on timely water resources issues, and for dialogue with fellow water resource movers and shakers from across the country and throughout the world.

Presenters from all over the country and around the world will be sharing their research and experiences in over 85 oral technical sessions and poster sessions. Explore the water resource challenges that are faced by water resource professionals the world over.

For more information

International Petroleum Environmental Conference

Presented by the University of Tulsa,
Continuing Education for Science and Engineering (CESE)

November 17-19, 2015

22nd International Petroleum Environmental Conference

Environmental Issues and Solutions in Exploration, Production, Refining & Distribution of Petroleum

Join us in Denver for the 22nd International Petroleum Environmental Conference. IPEC addresses environmental issues, challenges and solutions for the petroleum industry. It provides professionals from industry and academia unique networking opportunities in seeking solutions to environmental problems of a technical, legal and regulatory nature.

Please be our guest with this exclusive Exhibition Guest Pass from Geotech for subscribers only. Geotech will be at Booth 29.

For more information

NGWA Ground Water Expo

December 15-17, 2015

2015 NGWA Groundwater Expo
and Annual Meeting

The Complete Groundwater Event

The 67th Annual NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting is the premier annual event for groundwater professionals from all sectors of the industry to gather for education workshops, dynamic speakers, knowledge sharing, networking, and, of course, product and service shopping.
Please stop by to visit us at Booth 1130.

For more information

Geotech Catalog

Request your
Geotech Catalog now.

Call 1-800-833-7958

The Geotech Catalog is now 336 pages and features more than 115 NEW PRODUCTS, fully illustrated, with specification charts and tables included.

There is a large resource section featuring the conversion tables, formulas and other reference information that environmental professionals need and use.

The catalog is divided into 12 environmental product categories:













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