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SS Geosub with Geotech AC Controller
SS Geosub Pump and Controller

Optional DC to AC Inverter
Optional DC to AC Inverter

Geotech SS Geosub
Pump & Controller

The SS Geosub sampling pump is the most versatile single stage 12 Volt DC pump in the industry. Designed with all stainless steel components, the SS Geosub allows you to sample with confidence even in the harshest well conditions. The SS Geosub Pump operates with the Geotech SS Geosub Controller.

  • Most versatile pump in the industry, sample from depths to 200 feet (61m)
  • Low flow sampling rates to 10 mL/min
  • User enabled dry-run protection
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • Optional Drop Tube Assembly for greater depth
  • Field replaceable motor lead kits available
  • Optional portable reel systems or dedicated well systems available to meet your needs
  • Optional DC to AC Inverter can be connected to a
    vehicle battery

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SS Geosub Pump & Controller Specifications
SS Geosub Pump & Controller Manual
Geotech DC to AC Inverter Manual

Grundfos Redi-Flo2® on GeoReel

Grundfos Redi-Flo2®

The Grundfos Redi-Flo2® Electrical Submersible Pump provides smooth, uninterrupted water flow during groundwater sampling or conducting aquifer tests to depths down to 280 ft. (85m). Both high flow rates needed for purging and low flows recommended for sampling are achieved with the same pump.
Designed for long-term reliability in dedicated monitoring wells, the Redi-Flo2® provides optimal sample quality with either traditional purging prior to sampling or low draw-down passive sampling when operated with the Redi-Flo VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).

  • Purging and sampling with the same pump is extremely efficient.
  • The unique design and superior materials allow for easy operation, decontamination and maintenance as well as disassembly and re-assembly.
  • All replacement and maintenance parts for the Grundfos Redi-Flo2® are immediately available at Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. a certified Grundfos Master Distributor.

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Grundfos Redi-Flo2 Specifications
Grundfos Redi-Flo2 with VFD Installation & Operating Instructions
Geotech RF2 Well Seal Manual

Geotech VFD

Geotech Variable Frequency Drive

The Geotech Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is designed to operate and protect the Redi-Flo2® pump. With the turn of a knob, an operator can precisely control the discharge flow rate from the pump from 8 GPM (30 LPM) to 100 milliliters per minute, to depths down to 280 feet (85m).
  • Precise Flow Control
    Turn the knob or use the push button control for greater control over the discharge flow rate for better accuracy and precision during sampling.
  • Wide Performance Range
    Not just one performance curve, the Geotech VFD covers a range of performances and can function at any point of operation within that range.
  • Choose Input Power
    Either 120V or 230V, single-phase AC input power is available.
  • NEMA 4x Enclosure
    The NEMA 4x enclosure is designed for outdoor duty and is resistant to damage as a result of incidental exposure to rain. Designed for wash down applications.
  • Optimized Volts ⁄ Frequency Pattern
    The Geotech VFD V/Hz pattern is specially optimized to allow the most efficient operation of the Redi-Flo2® variable performance pump.
  • Motor Protection
    The Geotech VFD will protect the Redi-Flo2® Variable Performance Pump from adverse motor conditions such as, over- and under-voltage, over-current, and groundfault.

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Geotech VFD Specifications
Geotech VFD Installation & Operating Instructions

dedicated electrical Geosmart systemDedicated SS Geosub
Dedicated Grundfos Redi-Flo2
and Dedicated SS Geosub

Geosmart Electrical Pump
Dedicated Sampling Systems

Custom manufactured to your specifications, pumps are secured in place with your choice of well caps and tubing. Geosmart pumping systems save you installation time and virtually eliminate the potential of cross contamination as compared to portable systems. Consider the cost of routine equipment blanks, decontamination time, wear and tear on your equipment and then decide if Geosmart is right for you.

Why dedicated Geosmart Systems?

  • Installs in 10 minutes or less
    Systems are cut to length, pre-assembled and individually packaged for easy installation
  • More representative data
    Eliminates the risk of cross contamination and is
    an EPA approved method for VOC collection
  • Saves time!
    No need to decontaminate since you are not
    moving pumps from well to well
  • Low flow sample rates

Customize your Geosmart system to your application

  • Well caps for a variety of applications and budgets. Custom well cap and fitting options available upon request.
  • Tubing is available in a variety of sizes & materials: Polyethylene, FEP lined poly, FEP, PVC nylobraid
  • FEP coated stainless steel safety cable

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Geosmart Dedicated Sampling System Specifications

Dedicator System

Geotech Dedicator®
Groundwater Sampling Systems

The Geotech Dedicator® is a turnkey, dedicated sampling system designed for easy installation and operation. Each system is custom-built to well specifications, completely assembled, and tested prior to shipment. Dedicator® Systems include a low profile well seal, Happy Hose!® (integrated motor lead, safety cable and discharge tubing), a Grundfos® MP1 2" electric submersible pump and all clamps and fittings. The well seal incorporates an access port for water level indicators when the sample tube is removed; low-clearance adapters are available to fit our standard 2" and 4" (5.08 and 10.2 cm) well seals in virtually any well pipe size.

  • Grundfos® MP1 2" electric submersible pump
  • Happy Hose!® integrated motor lead, safety cable and discharge tubing
  • Custom-built for each well and factory tested
  • Well identification tag
  • In-the-well sample tube storage
  • Fits 2" (5.08 cm) or larger wells
  • UL rated weather-resistant electrical connection with cap
  • Water level access port
  • Well seal provides a liquid tight barrier
  • Ideal for traditional or micropurge techniques

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Geotech Dedicator® Specifications
Geotech Dedicator® Installation & Operating Instructions



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