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Leptron Avenger

Leptron Avenger™

The Avenger™ offers a simple and robust platform to carry 10 lbs. of payloads for larger cameras, LIDAR, FLIR and multiple simultaneous sensors. The system is designed for industrial use with a maximum flight time and a minimum of flight experience necessary. The system has a military grade autopilot and GPS based navigation with a simple drag and drop user interface. The system is ready for flight in less than 3 minutes and flies in harsh weather conditions in order to get the job done. This patent pending design is approved by both the DoD and FAA.

  • Full Autopilot
    Dual Flight Mode with wireless hand-held and/or GPS based ground station
  • Safety
    Lost communication, low battery and other automated landing functions
  • Wind
    40 MPH MFG recommended for optimal video output (tested up to 65 MPH)
  • High Performance
    Multi-layer carbon fiber, aircraft aluminum and ABS plastic
  • Ready-to-Fly
    No assembly or disassembly to unpack and fly
  • Ultimate Mobility
    Single case for Avenger, batteries, radio, 12" LCD and charger
  • Payload
    10 lbs.
  • Payloads
    Turret cameras, dual FLIR and HD, Night Vision and custom options

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Leptron Avenger Specifications


Avenger Overview  Avenger™ Overview:  The Leptron Avenger™ offers simplicity with a single case for the helicopter, video, spare batteries and charger.

Avenger Ease of Flight  Avenger™ – Ease of Flight:  The Leptron Avenger™ illustrates the simplicity of flight via the wireless remote control. The Avenger autopilot is making 500 flight corrections a second that allows the user to fly the Avenger in even the most challenging weather conditions. The system also illustrates the automated safety element of the 'return home' function to the original GPS location within 12 inches.

Weather Rated  Weather Rated:  The Leptron Avenger demonstrates its handling in extreme weather conditions of 110 degrees and 10 MPH winds to -10 degrees and 15 MPH winds in snow to 11,990 feet altitude and 55 MPH wind gusts.

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