Landfill Equipment

Landfill Gas Monitors
Geotech offers a full range of landfill gas monitors to sample down-well and surface gas emissions.
Personal Gas Monitors
Pocket sized gas monitors that meet your need for personal safety.

Pneumatic Condensate Pumps
Geotech pneumatic condensate pumping systems have been tried and tested around the world. Intrinsically safe design and approved for hazardous Class 1, Division 1 environments. The design withstands the harshest and most corrosive environments.
Pneumatic Leachate Extraction Pumps
Automatic pneumatic Auto-Reclaimers can pump leachate and condensate from 500 feet down. They can pump particles up to 1/8" in diameter with production rates of up to 15 gpm.
Electric Leachate Extraction Pumps
Our leachate pumps are Enviro fitted for leachate applications and our motors are classed as Pollution Recovery for aggressive landfill applications. We offer leachate pumps for vertical and side slope riser applications.
  • Enviro-Fitted Pump Ends
  • PTFE & Santoprene Pump Cable
  • Wind & Solar Operated Systems
  • Pressure Transducers & Control Probes
    Fully compatible and interchangeable with any landfill control panel. Easy-to-use 4-20 mA connections.
  • Gauge Pressure Transducers
  • Sealed or Absolute
  • Vented Surge Suppressor Option
  • Signal Manager
  • Manages Multiple Signals
  • Works in Vacuum Applications
  • Leachate Recovery Form
    Interface Probes & Meters
    Obtain accurate measurements of oil and water in wells.
  • Durable polypropylene storage reel
  • 100' to 1000' lengths
  • Rugged aluminum frame
  • Accurate Kynar® coated steel tape
  • 5/8" field replaceable probe
    Water Level Meters
    Easy-to-use meters will increase your productivity and site efficiency, reducing costs overall.
  • Accuracy to within 1/100 of a foot
  • Field serviceable 5/8" probe
  • 100' to 3000' lengths
    Water Level logging
  • Monitor and record water level data
  • Programmable models
    YSI Professional Series Meters
    Easy-to-read handheld units simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature, ORP, and more.
    Datalogging Water Quality Sensors
    Multiparameter sondes for long-term monitoring and logging.
    Up to 9 sensors in a single sonde.
    Flowcell Sample Measuring
    Simultaneous multi-probe measurements from the same water sample.
    Electrical Sampling Pumps
  • 12 Volt
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Dedicated Systems
  • Bladder Pumps
  • Dedicated Systems
  • Portable Systems
  • Controllers
  • Peristaltic Pumps
    Geopump low-flow water sample removal pump. Samples only come in contact with the tubing.
    Special Liquid Sampling Equipment
  • Water sample splitters
  • Drum samplers
  • Inflatable well packers, and more
    Repair & Calibration
    Geotech has comprehensive repair facilities based throughout the U.S. to provide you with knowledgeable direct support.
    Geotech offers a regional rental resource for landfill maintenance equipment.
    Portable Generators

    Air Compressors
    Calibration Buffers, Standards & Cleaners
    Magnetic Locators
    All Weather Field Books
    Safety Gear & Clothing
    Well Accessories
    Environmental Tubing