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LOCAL RENTAL: billing is based on a 24-hour period. The time the equipment is picked up, or the delivery time as noted by the courier or delivery service, is considered to be the rental start time. Equipment returned within 24 hours of the rental start time will be billed at a single day's rental rate. Equipment received at Geotech more than 24 hours after the hour that it was received will be billed as two days rental. The rental day begins at the hour and minute the equipment is picked up or received, and each rental day following begins at that same hour and minute. There is no pro-rating for partial days. A three hour grace period will be allowed on the last day for local rentals exceeding 24 hours.

RENTAL REQUIRING TRANSPORT: will be shipped by Geotech via overnight air delivery service. When rental equipment is shipped, the billing period begins the day after we ship and ends the day prior to our receiving the returned equipment. In order to avoid being charged any extra days in rental fees, equipment must be returned via overnight delivery, so that it is received by Geotech the next day. Geotech will prepay and add to the invoice all outbound shipping and handling charges. All costs associated with the return of the rental equipment are the responsibility of the customer.

RENTAL CHARGES: are calculated on business days only. There is no rental charge for Saturday, Sunday or the six major holidays. After five consecutive days of rental, equipment is subject to the weekly rate discount. After 22 consecutive business-day rentals, equipment is subject to an even more generous monthly rate discount. Rental rate defaults to the least expensive rate depending on how long the equipment is out. The weekly rate begins when the sum of the daily charges are greater than or equal to the discounted weekly rate. After the first week of rental, any additional days of rental may be pro-rated by dividing the weekly rental charge by five. The monthly rate begins when the sum of the weekly charges are greater than or equal to the discounted monthly rate. After the first month of rental, any additional days may be prorated by dividing the monthly rate by 22. Daily rental billing will never exceed the weekly billing rate; weekly rental billing will never exceed the monthly billing rate. Your invoice will be automatically adjusted to ensure the lowest rate allowable.

INVOICE: If the equipment is kept out for more than a month, we will provide periodic invoices (one per month) until the equipment is returned. We will provide one final invoice per order once the equipment has been returned to ensure customers get fast and accurate invoices.

EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS: Missing, defective or malfunctioning equipment must be reported to Geotech within 24 hours from the time the equipment was received or full rental fees will be charged. Geotech includes a picking ticket with every shipment. Upon receipt of the rental equipment, the customer/end user must check the picking ticket against the equipment received and immediately notify Geotech of any shortages. Call 1-800-833-7958 immediately in the event of discrepancy. Any shortages or defects not reported to Geotech within 24 hours from the time the equipment was received will be charged at list price to the customer. Before and after regular business hours, defective and missing equipment may be reported by leaving a voice message on Geotech’s 24-hour phone answering system.

EQUIPMENT CONDITION: Rental fees cover only normal wear and tear of rental equipment. All rental equipment should be properly maintained throughout the rental period. Each product rented from Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. must be returned by the customer and/or end-user in the manner in which Geotech delivered it: clean, decontaminated, functional. A $75/hour fee will be assessed if equipment is not returned as sent. All equipment must be returned boxed and secure, or a $20 “No Box Fee” will be assessed. This assures equipment is returned complete and intact while keeping the equipment case clean and undamaged.

EQUIPMENT REPAIR: At no time shall any repair of rental equipment be attempted without the consent of Geotech. Any costs resulting from damage to equipment due to negligence on the part of the user or any other situation not related to normal wear and tear of our rental equipment will automatically be charged to the client, in addition to the rental charges.

RADIATION PRODUCING EQUIPMENT: It is incumbent upon the user and their company to be responsible for health and safety monitoring of the employees engaged in the use of this type of equipment. Rental clients will be provided a radiation safety guide, but they are expected to be responsible for their own radiation monitoring (personal and/or area) and for following all regulatory guidelines. Clients will be asked to sign a document stating they understand and accept this policy. We are willing to help our clients as far as possible in the design and implementation of a safety program, but Geotech can accept no legal responsibility for damage, injury, or regulatory fees, fines or demands connected with the use or misuse of radiation producing equipment.



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