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Snap Sampler

Snap Sampler®

The Snap Sampler® is a passive groundwater sampling system which seals groundwater samples in situ, and simplifies sample collection by avoiding the purging process. The Snap Sampler® provides an in situ quality sample.

  • Meets the new ASTM Standard D7929-14 for passive groundwater sampling
  • The Snap Sampler® collects a downhole water sample that can be tested for any chemical – there are no analyte limitations.
  • Snap Samplers capture undisturbed samples from a specific position in the well without agitation. Excellent for a high quality sealed sample, turbidity-sensitive analytes (such as metals and many organic chemicals) and low yield wells.
  • Snap Samplers are dedicated (all water collected is utilized for sample analysis). Bottles are sent to the lab and replaced with fresh units during each sampling event.
  • No solid or liquid contaminated waste handling is required.

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Snap Sampler Specifications
Snap Sampler Manual
Snap Sampler Deployment Guide

Dekaport Sample Splitter
Dekaport Sample Splitter
shown with Optional Lid

Dekaport Sample Splitter

The Dekaport Sample Splitter is a pour-through device machined from solid fluoropolymer used for splitting water samples for a wide range of particle sizes and water volumes.

  • Constructed of 100% Fluoropolymer for excellent
    sample integrity.
  • Splits water samples quickly and effectively.
  • No flat walls, or benched surfaces inside the
    chamber to interfere with splitting process.
  • Ten exit ports to precisely direct individual
    subsamples into subsample containers.
  • Includes 10 pieces of 1/4" x 3/8" FEP tubing to prevent any back pressure or restriction of flow from splitting chamber.
  • Designed and manufactured for the U.S.G.S.

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Dekaport Sample Splitter Specifications

Drum & Tank Samplers

Drum & Tank Samplers

Drum and Tank Samplers are designed for accurate and easy sampling of liquid and sludge from the most common sources – 55 gallon drums, truck and rail tank cars, large tanks, streams, lakes, rivers, and lagoons. They combine innovative features with interchangeable components for a system that is versatile and cost effective.

  1. Pinpointer – allows samples to be drawn at a specific depth, 100% virgin fluoropolymer.

  2. Mucksucker – designed for sampling high-viscosity fluids, sludge and mud, 100% virgin fluoropolymer.

  3. Dipstick – a versatile tool for safe, easy sampling of liquids from virtually any source. 100% virgin fluoropolymer (interchangeable parts) or polypropylene (2-piece only unit).

  4. Drum Thief – clean and ideal for single use applications, PVC.

  5. Coliwasa – inert HDPE resists most chemicals and solvents. The positive displacement, rod controlled valve features a set of four clamping fingers to assist in holding the valve shut.

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Drum & Tank Sampler Specifications

SD Fixed-End Inflatable Packers

SD Fixed-End Inflatable Packers

For shallow operations, such as monitor wells, where downhole differential pressures do not exceed 500 psi (34 bar), SD packers are an economical choice. SD packers feature a tough inflatable element designed for high elongation and tear resistance.

SD packers are available in all standard sizes and can be easily run in straddle configurations.

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SD Fixed-End Inflatable Packer Specifications

Geotech Hand Reels
Geotech Hand ReelsStandard Geo Reels
Standard Geo ReelsDeluxe Geo Reels
Deluxe Geo Reels

Geotech Portable Geo Reels
and Hand Reels

The Geotech Hand Reel and Geo Reel systems allow you to easily transport your water sampling systems in the field. The Hand Reel system is designed for pump and motor lead only as well as shallow bladder pump systems. The large and small Geo Reel systems allow
for pump, motor lead, tubing, and safety cable for the Grundfos Redi-Flo2®, Redi-Flo4™ or bladder pump systems. Choose from a variety of reel options for your convenience.

All Geo Reels include:

  • Caddy for pump when not in use
  • Panel mount Harting connector for RF2 reels

All Hand Reels include:

  • Caddy for pump when not in use
  • Panel mount Harting connector for RF2 reels
  • Size ranges up to 300' (91m)

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Geotech Portable Geo Reel & Hand Reel Specifications





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