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Seametrics jWAVE
Seametrics jWAVE captures accurate and reliable flow readings with your mobile devices

Seametrics jWAVE
Portable Ultrasonic Pipe Flow Meter

Seametrics jWAVE Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter captures accurate and reliable flow readings with your mobile device, with less hassle and in less time — wherever you need a flow or volume measurement.

  • Portable, accurate, versatile
  • Quick, easy setup
  • Use with iOS and Android phones or tablets
  • Built-in data logging
  • Reusable location settings
  • Measures a wide range of fluids
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE) communication — no wires
  • Installed on outside of pipe — non-invasive, no break in piping, no production down time
  • CE and FCC approved

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Seametrics jWAVE Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specifications
Seametrics jWAVE Instructions

Global Water Flow Probe
FP111 Flow Probe

Global Water FP111/FP211/FP311
Flow Probes

Global Water Flow Probes are highly accurate water velocity instruments for measuring flows in open channels and partially filled pipes. The water velocity probe consists of a protected water turbo prop positive displacement sensor coupled to an expandable probe handle with a digital readout display. The water flow meter incorporates true velocity averaging for the most accurate flow measurements. Use for measuring flows in rivers and streams and monitoring velocity in ditches and canals.

  • Digital display in ft/sec or m/sec
  • Records 30 data sets for later analysis
  • Rain-proof digital computer
  • Highly accurate easy flow monitoring
  • Debris shedding turbo-prop
  • Lightweight, rugged, and reliable
  • Telescoping handle with staff gauge
  • Padded carrying case for easy storage
  • CE Certified
  • Used by water professionals worldwide for
    over 12 years
  • Ideal for measuring flows in streams, rivers, canals, stormwater, wastewater and industrial process waters

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Global Water Flow Probe Specifications
Global Water Flow Probes Manual

Global Water TX100 Adjustable Turbine Flow Sensor

Global Water TX100/200 Series
Adjustable Turbine Water Flow Sensors

The TX100/200 series, adjustable insertion turbine flow sensors, use ruby bearings and a non-drag pick-off to achieve a wide flow range and long life. A sensor detects the passage of miniature magnets in the rotor blades (magnets are in 2 or 4 blades only). The resulting square-wave signal can be sent for hundreds of feet without a transmitter, over unshielded cable. This square-wave signal can be sent directly to a PLC or other control, or can be converted using a blind 4-20mA output or flow rate and totalizer display.
  • Two sizes fit entire pipe range: 3" to 10", 10" to 48"
  • Turbine rotor to optimize minimum flow limits
  • High quality ruby bearings for long life
  • One easily replaced moving part
  • Uses standard NPT threaded pipe fittings or saddles
  • Optional 4-20mA flow rate and totalizer display
  • Signal can be sent directly to a PLC or other control

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Global Water TX100/200 Specifications
Global Water TX101/201 Insertion Turbine Instructions




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