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Water Treatment Systems

Oil/Water Separator

Oil/Water Separators

Geotech offers Oil/Water Separators for separation treatment of groundwater from free phase LNAPL and
DNAPL contaminants.

  • Compact size
  • High surface area
  • Solids storage
  • Optional integral oil storage
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easily cleaned through removable vapor tight cover
  • No moving parts
  • No power consumption
  • No consumable wearing elements
  • Removes 99.9% of oil droplets 20 microns and larger
  • Meets both EPA method 413.2 and European Standard EN 858-1 (99.9% removal of free oil)
  • Self cleaning and anti-plugging properties

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Oil/Water Separator Specifications

LO-PRO™ Model II
LO-PRO™ Model II
LO-PRO™ Model IIIs
LO-PRO™ Model IIIs

Geotech LO-PRO™ Air Strippers

Geotech LO-PRO™ models II and III are highly efficient water treatment systems that can remove up to 99.99% of many volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from water.

Systems are self-contained for use in limited space applications.

  • Patented multi-stage counterflow aeration provides up to 99.99% removal efficiency.
  • Features vacuum-induced draft design that is
    more efficient than forced draft and eliminates fluid leakage between trays.
  • Low profile modular design requires less floor and head space.
  • Lightweight modular polyethylene trays allows the addition or subtraction of trays to meet engineered treatment requirements.
  • Stainless steel bubble plate design resists fouling.
  • Highly effective on BTEX, MTBE, and Radon.
  • Very easy to install and maintain.
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting capability with the optional Geotech ECM.

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Geotech LO-PRO™ Air Stripper Specifications
Geotech LO-PRO II Manual
Geotech LO-PRO III Manual

4" Geotech Plume Eater
4" (10cm) Geotech Plume Eater®

Geotech Plume Eater®

The Geotech Plume Eater® is a patented in situ remediation system. Unlike other commercially marketed in-well air strippers or circulation type systems, the Plume Eater's process is unique. When pulling in contaminated groundwater, it strips away the VOC's while oxygenating the treated water before it is re-introduced deep into the formation. This process creates a convection flow whereby groundwater is pulled toward the recovery well rather than pushed away, as compared to other similar types of systems and processes.

  • Soils are flushed with oxygenated ground water
  • Pulls from the groundwater surface and re-injects, oxygenated water deep in the formation, creating convection currents
  • Accelerates bio-remediation
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal power
  • No sub-surface moving parts
  • Works in a variety of soil types
  • No net change in groundwater volume
  • Options available for use with other gases
  • In Situ Technology – No re-injection permits or water treatment extraction required, water never leaves the subsurface.

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Geotech Plume Eater Specifications
Geotech Plume Eater Manual

GAC-L 250-2000 lb. Vessel and GAC-L 100-350 lb. Vessel
GAC-L 250-2000 lb. Vessel
and GAC-L 100-350 lb. Vessel

GAC-L Filter
Liquid Phase Carbon Media

The GAC-L filter is a media filter vessel designed to treat liquid streams. While the typical design application is activated carbon adsorbent unit, the filter can easily accommodate many media types.

  • Dissolved Organic Removal (Activated Carbon)
  • Suspended Solids Removal (Sand Filter)
  • Dissolved Minerals (Softener Resin)
  • Oil and Grease Removal (Organo-Clays)
  • Dissolved and Precipitated Metals Removal
  • Special Organics (Resin/Carbon Blend)
  • Catalytic Reactor (Chlorine and Peroxide Removal)
  • Bio-Remediation Contactor Unit
  • Call Geotech for larger systems

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GAC-L Filter 100-350 lb. Specifications
GAC-L Filter 250-2000 lb. Specifications




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