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Geotech has been selected to be the exclusive representative for the Heuresis Pb200i handheld XRF for lead paint in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Eastern Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Heuresis Pb200i Handheld XRF

Heuresis Pb200i Handheld XRF
Lead Paint Analyzer

The Heuresis Pb200i Handheld XRF for lead paint inspection is a significant advancement in XRF technology. A combination of innovative engineering, intuitive operation and the fact that it is the lightest XRF in the world, position the Pb200i in an entirely different league than what has previously been available to detect lead paint.

  • EPA/HUD Compliant XRF for lead paint featuring a Performance Characteristic Sheet with no inconclusive range
  • Lightest and most compact XRF
  • Most durable XRF; the Pb200i is the only XRF to Pass Mil Spec 810G Drop Test
  • Embedded Android™ interfaces like a smartphone
  • Touchscreen Visible in direct sunlight, color display
  • Identify lead paint in 1 second
  • AA Batteries: NiMH Rechargeable or Li-Ion Disposable
  • Court defensible data
  • Lead in Soil and Lead in Dust wipe calibrations available
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™ connectivity
  • Built-in camera
  • GPS for linking coordinates to samples on the exterior of a property
  • Co-57 source ships under General License or Specific License

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Heuresis Pb200i Specifications
Heuresis Pb200i User Guide
Heuresis Pb200i Performance Characteristic Sheet
What is a Performance Characteristic Sheet?
Heuresis Pb200i Drop Test

Geotech has been selected to be the exclusive representative for Bruker’s handheld XRF products in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Bruker TRACER 5i pXRF

Bruker TRACER 5i pXRF Rear Screens

Bruker TRACER 5i pXRF

TRACER 5i is the high value in-situ pXRF performer synchronizing power, function, precision and accuracy for dynamic, field capable laboratory-like elemental analysis.

The TRACER 5i settings and measurements can be controlled on the handheld or with Artax™ advanced spectral analysis PC software, via WiFi or USB.

Users can also develop their own calibrations with EasyCal PC software for empirical correlations. These can be transferred to the TRACER 5i operating system for point-and-shoot tests.

In-Situ Untethered & Interactive

  • Integrated display embedded operating and analytical software
  • Relaxed Hand Grip™ strap for comfort and security
  • EasyAccess™ Rail for on-the-go accessories
  • Control, save and send with USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

High Performance

  • SharpBeam™ geometry for minimized distance between sample and detector
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring and compensation
  • Automated filter wheel AND manual filter slot
  • Air, helium or vacuum capable
  • Most sensitive TRACER available

Fast, accurate spot positioning

  • Internal camera with adjustable LED for full view
  • Target area and reticle positioning for precision
  • Remote view projection for challenging objects
  • Confidence in analytical results

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Bruker TRACER 5i pXRF Specifications
Bruker TRACER 5i pXRF User Manual
Bruker TRACER 5i pXRF QuickStart Guide
Bruker Radiation Safety Manual
Periodic Table
More Information

Bruker S1 TITANBruker S1 TITAN Soil Analysis

Bruker S1 TITAN

The S1 TITAN is among the lightest (1.5 kg, including battery) tube-based handheld XRF analyzers on the market today. Fast analysis speed and exceptional accuracy are two key attributes that help define the S1 TITAN.

Other innovative features include an integrated touch-screen color display, 50 kV X-ray tube, SMART Grade™ timing, SharpBeamTM optimized X-ray geometry, Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), and an extremely tough housing that is sealed against humid and dusty environments.

  • Available calibrations include: alloy, gold and precious metals, bulk material (E‐scrap and catalytic converters), soil, mining, restricted materials, and customer specific
  • Superior FAST SDD™ detector technology
  • Superior count rates and resolution (compared to previous generation SiPIN instruments)
  • Faster than previous generations
  • Lower detection limits
  • Easy analysis of light elements, such as magnesium, aluminum and silicon, without the need for vacuum or helium atmosphere (S1 TITAN 800 and 600 only)

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Bruker S1 TITAN Specifications
Bruker S1 TITAN QuickStart Guide
Bruker S1 TITAN User Manual
Bruker Radiation Safety Manual
Periodic Table
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