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Boulder, Colorado – January 21, 2021

Air99 LLC and Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc. Announce Partnership to Manufacturer and Deliver the Airgami® Respirator.

Air99 LLC, headquartered in Boulder, CO, and Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc., headquartered in Denver, CO, announce their partnership to manufacturer and deliver the award-winning Airgami® respirator for retail online at https://www.airgami.life.

"Conventional N95 filtering-facepiece respirators are based on a couple of old designs that date back more than 50 years", said Richard Gordon, CEO of Air99 LLC. "The reusable Airgami respirator is an entirely new design that fits better, works better, and looks better than conventional N95 masks and is coming to market right when the need for a better respirator is greatest. Partnering with Geotech has enabled us to quickly scale production. Their focus on quality has resulted in a product that meets and exceeds NIOSH N95 and OSHA respirator requirements for fit, filtration efficiency, and breathability even after multiple uses."

N95 masks are the "gold standard" to filter inhaled air, thereby removing infected aerosols, air pollution, wildfire-smoke particulates, pollen, mold spores, and dust. Unlike masks with exhale valves, the Airgami mask filters exhaled air to protect those near the wearer.

"We are excited and proud to be mass-producing such a breakthrough technology in respiratory protection during this double-whammy pandemic and unprecedented wildfire season", said Jeff Popiel, CEO of Geotech. "All the western United States experienced hazardous air quality over a period of many weeks from the forest fires. Smoke and air pollution can devastate a person's health, whether caused by industrial, consumer, or natural sources. The Airgami respirator is a more breathable, comfortable, and cool-looking way to protect your lungs. I especially like the breathability and that it doesn't fog my glasses. I've tried a lot of different masks this past year and I liked Airgami so much that we mobilized quickly to manufacture it with Air99."

Air99 develops the world's most advanced air-purifying N95-grade respirators. The Airgami mask blocks 95% of PM0.3 air pollution, wildfire smoke, allergens, and aerosols that can carry infectious viruses, as described in National Geographic Magazine's Covid19 Science article published January 20, 2021.

Geotech dba. Universal Plastics is a certified ISO 9001:2015 contract manufacturing firm that provides process design, production layout, supply chain management, and 'just-in-time" material delivery. Geotech develops a complete contract manufacturing solution customized to every client's unique requirement.

Additional information about Air99 LLC and the Airgami respirator can be obtained by emailing info@air99.life.

For additional information about Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc. contract manufacturing services, please contact mickeleb@geotechenv.com.






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