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Water Quality Field Meters

WTW Multi-Parameter Field Meters

WTW Multi 3630 IDS, Multi 3620 IDS and Multi 3510 IDS

WTW Multi 3630 IDS, Multi 3620 IDS
and Multi 3510 IDS

WTW IDS pH Sensors
WTW IDS pH Sensors
Wired and Wireless Versions Shown

WTW IDS Conductivity Cells
WTW IDS Conductivity Cells
Wired and Wireless Versions Shown

WTW MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters

MultiLine® IDS portable water quality meters are robust with a IP 67 waterproof rating and available in wireless sensor configurations.

The Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS) – combine proven measurement technique with additional advantages. The proven electrochemical WTW sensors are equipped with advanced measurement electronics the that distinctively store their serial number and calibration records for immediate operation.

For wireless configuration place the included wireless module on the IDS plug head sensor, confirm the connection – done! Put the module on a desired sensor or use a separate one for each sensor. No cables, no tugging, and full flexibility.

Wireless IDS Options

  • No cables
  • Securely connected
  • Same module for all parameters

Multi 36x0 IDS

  • Two field-tested waterproof USB interfaces
  • Connection of USB memory stick or selected printers
  • Data transfer to PC or Laptop with MultiLab® Importer Excel plug-in
  • Rechargeable batteries for charging in the meter
  • Stationary power supply with mains voltage or via USB
  • Perfect for long data series: memory for 10,000 automatic and 500 manual records

Multi 3510 IDS

  • Water proof Mini USB-B interface for fast data transfer to PC
  • Reliable power in the field by alkaline manganese batteries
  • Secure stationary power supply via USB

Proven IDS technology with new advantages

  • Premium sensor technology combined with advanced measurement electronics
  • IDS sensors store serial numbers and calibration history – for immediate operation
  • Current rating of sensor quality with IDS pH electrodes by QSC (Quality Sensor Control)
  • Plug head sensors are available for measurement with IDS wireless modules

Call 1-800-833-7958

WTW MultiLine IDS Meters Specifications
WTW MultiLine 3630 IDS Operating Manual
WTW MultiLine 3620 IDS Operating Manual
WTW MultiLine 3510 IDS Operating Manual

WTW SenTix 940 & 945 pH Sensors Operating Manual
WTW SenTix 950 & 980 pH Sensors Operating Manual
WTW SenTix ORP-T 900 pH Sensors Operating Manual
WTW TetraCon 925 Conductivity Cells Operating Manual
WTW LR 925/01 Conductivity Cells Operating Manual
WTW FDO 925 Optical DO Sensors Operating Manual

WTW pH/Cond 3320
WTW pH/Cond 3320

WTW Multi 3320
WTW Multi 3320

WTW ProfiLine 3320 Series
Multi-Parameter Handheld Meters

The pH/Cond 3320 with two inputs for pH, mV, ISE and Conductivity measurement is an all-rounder for almost every application in chemical process, Life Science, food and beverages and pharmaceutical industry (measurement of pH and conductivity according pharmacopoeia standards).

The Multi 3320 for measurement of pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen (electro-chemical) is a perfect meter for environmental applications in ground and surface water, aqua culture, waste water treatment plants and much more. An integrated ISE routine allows occasional ISE measurements.

ProfiLine pH⁄Cond 3320

  • Two inputs for simultaneous measurement of pH or ISE or ORP and conductivity
  • Backlit two channel LCD display
  • Suitable for all modern WTW pH, combined ISE electrodes and conductivity cell

ProfiLine Multi 3320

  • Two inputs for simultaneous measurements of pH and conductivity or pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Backlit two channel display
  • For all up-to-date WTW pH electrodes, combined ISEs, conductivity cells and galvanic oxygen sensors
  • Enhanced measurement functionality
  • pH, ORP, ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen

Call 1-800-833-7958

WTW ProfiLine 3320 Specifications
WTW ProfiLine pH/Cond 3320 Quick Start Guide
WTW ProfiLine Multi 3320 Operating Manual



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