April 2023


Understanding Alternative Methods of
Measuring Subsurface Flow  


Groundwater flow is complex. Historically, measuring it depended on many calculated factors, including gravitational potential energy, pressure, kinetic energy, and the permeability of the soil (Darcy’s Law). Porous media such as sand and gravel provide pathways for groundwater to move through, and the formation’s hydraulic conductivity determines the rate at which water flows. As such, understanding how pore spaces are connected and how they interact with one another is essential to accurately model aquifer flow – a task made easier thanks to Geotech's Colloidal Borescope with AquaLite software. 


Function & Theory 

Colloids are tiny particles suspended in aquifers. These particles, which range in size from one nanometer to several hundred nanometers, include clay, organic matter, iron oxide, and other types of fine material. Because these particles are so small, they tend to be carried along with the groundwater flow and stay suspended over time.  

The Colloidal Borescope with AquaLite software detects and measures the movement of these particles in order to accurately measure groundwater velocity through high-velocity areas of the subsurface, enabling researchers to develop better models for decision-making around water resource management and protection.  

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Going with the Flow: Explore Technologies for Measuring Surface Water Flow & Volumes
Andrew Lindemann  

Surface water flow measurements are crucial for understanding water resource dynamics in various applications such as power generation, agriculture, and land use management. To ensure accurate and repeatable water flow data, it is essential to utilize advanced techniques and technology.

This presentation will cover various techniques and technologies used for measuring surface water flow, including velocity area, acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs), and prop current meters. We will discuss the benefits and limitations of each approach and provide examples of their applications.

We will also highlight the use of mobile and stationary platforms for deploying these tools. We will emphasize the importance of selecting the appropriate method based on environmental factors and specific study objectives.

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Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the environmental monitoring field, our promotions make it easier than ever to get the equipment you need. Read on for more details about this month's deals and how they can benefit you. 

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Happy Birthday Geotech and Founder

Our founder, Jerry Popiel, turned 80 this year and we're celebrating with a video of his reflections on the past and vision for the future. He has been a driving force in the industry and we are so grateful for the foundation he laid for our company. Thank you Jerry for all that you've done for us!

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