Geotech Borehole Resistivity System

The Geotech Borehole Resistivity System is a rugged, portable, hand-operated downhole logger which measures both apparent resistivity and the natural self-potential (SP).

Applications include mineral exploration, subsurface mapping (isopachs), locating fresh and salt-water bearing information; lithologic and structural correlation between wells, and well construction.

  • Measures both resistivity and self-potential (SP)
  • Resistivity is read in a range of 0-10,000 ohm-feet
  • Self-potential is read in a range of 1-1,000 millivolts, positive or negative
  • Battery powered readout instrument, and indicator for resistivity and SP in a rugged water tight case
  • 500 feet (152 m) of four-conductor downhole logging cable mounted on a portable hand reel
  • 1" (2.5 cm) diameter probe assembly
  • Two single-conductor insulated surface lines on storage reels
  9 milliamps
Resistivity   DC, null-reading meter; 0-10,000 ohm-feet readable within ±0.10% full scale
Self-Potential   Range, 0-1,000 millivolts, positive or negative
Batteries   Six 9-volt transistor batteries; one C-cell battery
Dimensions   7" x 16" x 12" (18cm x 41cm x 30cm)
Weight   13 lbs. (6 kg)

Surface Type   Two single conductor insulated wires with connectors on cable storage reel
Dimensions   50 feet (15m) long (each)
Net Weight   2.5 lbs. (1 kg)
Downhole Type   4-conductor, ¼" (6.3mm) diameter, 500' (152m) length

Construction   Powder coated steel
Dimensions   13" x 12" x 15" (33cm x 30cm x 38cm)
Weight   30 lbs. (13.6 kg)

Probe Assembly:    
Type   One 1" (2.5cm) diameter current electrode and three potential electrodes mounted on 15 feet (4.5m) of cable with waterproof in-line connector for attaching to logging cable
Weight   1.5 lbs. (.68 kg)
System Weight   47 lbs. (21 kg)

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Geotech Borehole Resistivity System