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July 2020

Elevating Standards


There's something special about doing business with Geotech. It could be our commitment to provide a positive customer experience through world-class service, or it may be our comprehensive product line that makes ordering convenient and cost-effective. Either way, Geotech will continue to elevate industry standards by better understanding your projects, introducing scientific field equipment designed to your tasks, and ensuring you have the resources and support needed to get the job done right.


In the pursuit to bring the latest technology to the industry, Geotech continuously introduces new and improved products to suit small and large projects. Following is a brief
introduction of products recently added to Geotech's equipment fleet.


Data Buoys

Geotech Data Buoy 450 & 950

Marine-grade buoy platforms that support both topside and subsurface environmental monitoring sensors.
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Geotech SitePro
Geotech SitePro System

Remote wireless telemetry system that seamlessly transmits real-time data to SiteView, a cloud-based project management application accessible by mobile or desktop devices.
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Water Level Meters

Geotech ET Water Level Meter

Made without PFAS materials, offering peace of mind.
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Seametrics MagmetersSeametrics EX250 & iMAG 4700p

Inline liquid flow meters available for flanged or insertion installations.
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phx42 FID

LDARtools phx42 FID Analyzer

Technology designed for the environmental and oil & gas industries to incorporate safer, more efficient LDAR programs.
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RKI GX-2012
5-Gas Monitor

RKI GX-2012

5-gas instrument used for confined space, safety monitoring and leak investigations.
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Knowledge Is Power

To further enhance value to our customers, Geotech conducts complementary operational and maintenance training on everything we support. Our training program supports greater field efficiency and broader product awareness, resulting in improved field efficiency with less downtime. We welcome you to schedule one-on-one phone tutoring or invite your organization to Geotech for comprehensive hands-on-training. We've had the privilege of training clients both national and international and look forward to serving you.
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Geotech Community Outreach

Community Outreach

We build relationships with community-based nonprofits that improve quality of life, enrich cultural, and promote diversity. Visit our community outreach page to learn more.

Geotech designates awarded grant funding to Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver.
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More for Less – Capsule Filters
Geotech Dispos-a-filters

Unmatched quality and available filter media sizes, Geotech filters are certified clean, and in-stock.
Filter Specs & Clean Certification


System Assembly Included
Dedicated Bladder Pump System

System Assembly included with any new dedicated pump system.
- Bladder Pump
- SS GeoSub - Grundfos
Contact your local
Geotech office…


Up to 50% off
Open Box & Refurbished Equipment

RAE MiniRAE 3000

- Inspected to factory specs
- Warranty Protection
- Field Ready
Equipment Specials
Contact your regional office for additional details

Geotech UAS News

Drone Flight Training and FAA Certification

Outdoor Flight Training

"I enrolled in the course in preparation for the Part 107 exam. Initially, I thought the value of this training was solely the exam prep. After taking the course, the value is the knowledge, hands on training, and confidence to operate a UAS in the field. Leptron closes the gap between faking your way through or knowing what you are doing and why."
-Nathan W.


Take To New Heights

Geotech developed a drone flight training program that has helped industry professionals introduce drone technology into their work flow. Whether you are interested in generating impressive marketing material or rendering high-resolution photogrammetry, Geotech's flight training course is right for your business.

Next Flight Training Course:
August 10th – 14th

For additional information
contact 800-833-7958
or register at UAS Flight Training

Geotech May 2020 Photo Competition Winner

Geotech May 2020 Photo Competition Winner

Sam C., a staff geologist with Waite Heindel Environmental Management captured this photo of Wendy S. (WHEM Project Scientist) using a Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter while surface water sampling the Wells River in Vermont.

Other equipment included a YSI Professional Plus Meter which can be purchased or rented from Geotech.

Thanks Sam for the Photo Competition submission.
– Geotech

Past Photo Competition Winners
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Enter the Geotech
Product Photo Competition!

Take a Picture

Win valuable prizes and have some fun taking
action shots of people using
Geotech brand equipment!
Take as many pictures as you like!
A $100 gift card will be awarded each month!
Winning photos will be published in
Geotech's monthly electronic newsletter
and on the web site.

What constitutes a winning photograph? We'll award points if your photo...

  • only shows Geotech equipment in use by real workers at real sites,
  • close-ups of the Geotech equipment,
  • equipment being used safely in observance of the health and safety procedures required
  • has companion photos showing as much of the site and surrounding area as possible (with site owner's permission, of course),
  • is well composed: nice framing, interesting background… extra points if the viewer can tell what type of project you were working on,
  • has an unusual twist or story: equipment being used overseas, of an interesting project, or for humanitarian purposes… wildlife or Mother Nature butting/intruding… the perfect shot at sunset, etc.
  • Digital photos only, in jpg or tiff formats, 2 MB or larger if possible.

Entering the competition is easy, go here to review the rules and guidelines and download the entry form. Every entry must be accompanied by a completed Geotech Photo Competition Entry Form.

Geotech Sales & Service Locations
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Geotech Sales & Service Locations

2650 East 40th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80205
Phone: 1-800-833-7958
Local: 303-320-4764
Fax: 303-322-7242
E-mail: sales@geotechenv.com

4620 Northgate Boulevard, Suite 170
Sacramento, California 95834
Phone: 1-800-557-5325
Local: 916-922-2900
Fax: 303-322-7242

155 East Liberty Avenue, Suite A
Anaheim, California 92801
Phone: 1-800-295-5325
Local: 714-998-6788
Fax: 303-322-7242

12165 Metro Parkway, Unit 25B
Fort Myers, Florida 33966
Phone: 1-800-304-5325
Local: 239-476-8891
Fax: 303-322-7242

3125 Pine Tree Road, Suite 3D
Lansing, Michigan 48911
Phone: 1-800-275-5325
Local: 517-394-8328
Fax: 303-322-7242

2517 Noblin Road, Suite 103
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
Phone: 1-800-293-5325
Local: 919-876-1535
Fax: 303-322-7242

1600 North Interstate 35e, Suite 114
Carrollton, Texas 75006-381
Phone: 1-800-276-5325
Local: 972-245-6575
Fax: 303-322-7242

25 Tigan Street, Suite 20
Winooski, Vermont 05404
Phone: 1-800-558-5325
Local: 802-651-3050
Fax: 303-322-7242

8910 122nd Avenue N.E.
Kirkland, Washington 98033
Phone: 1-800-314-5325
Local: 425-658-7300
Fax: 303-322-7242

C/Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia Local 19
08100 Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) Spain
Tel: 93 5445937
Fax: 93 5700535
E-mail: ventas@geotechenv.com


No. 12 Yumin Road, Yuanchenxin Bldg. E2, Suite 2406
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100029
Phone: 010-8225-1190
Local: 86-10-8225-1190
Fax: 86-10-8225-1957
E-mail: beijing@geotechenv.com


To contact Geotech:
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