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November 2021

Its cold ouside!


It doesn't matter if you shun the cold weather or embrace it, winter is quickly approaching and environmental equipment can be effected by cold environments. Here are 6 tasks to tackle now to make sure your equipment fleet is ready for the season.

DYI or inquire about Geotech's winter maintenance services available with no-charge evaluations.

Remove Batteries

The most common cause of battery corrosion during long-term storage is due to hydrogen gas released from battery acid causes a chemical reaction with the metal terminals. Corrosion typically looks like a flaky layer of white or green discoloration that sits on your battery terminals. When excessive corrosion occurs, internal components like PCB boards and displays can be compromised. These devices may include:

Water Quality Sensor Storage

pH and ORP Sensors
The key to pH and ORP sensor storage, short or long-term, is to make certain that the sensor does not dry out. Sensors which have been allowed to dry out due to improper storage procedures may be irreparably damaged by the dehydration and will require replacement. To store the sensor, remove it from the cable and seal the vacant port with a port plug. Fill the original shipping/storage vessel (plastic boot or bottle) with buffer 4 solution and then submerge the sensor into the solution. The sensor should remain submerged in the solution during the storage period; therefore, make certain that the vessel is sealed to prevent evaporation and periodically check the vessel to ensure the sensor does not dry out or freeze.

Polarographic & Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Dissolved oxygen sensors (Polarographic and Galvanic) should be stored in a dry state for long term storage. First, remove the membrane cap and thoroughly rinse the sensor with clean water. Next, either blow it dry with compressed air or allow to air dry completely. Install a clean, dry new membrane cap over the sensor to keep it dry and to protect the electrodes.

After storing the sensor for a long period of time, it is necessary to "condition" the sensor by putting a new membrane with electrolyte solution on the sensor and then turning the instrument On, allowing the sensor sufficient time to stabilize.

Optical or Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

  • Method 1: Submerge the sensing end of the sensor in a container of distilled or deionized water. Periodically check the water to make sure that it does not evaporate.
  • Method 2: Wet the sponge located in the cap originally included with the DO sensor, then install on sensing end of the DO sensor. Replace the sponge if it becomes dirty.

Conductivity Sensors
No special storage is required. Sensors can be stored dry or wet as long as solutions in contact with conductivity electrodes are not corrosive (for example, chlorine bleach). However, it is recommended that the sensor be cleaned prior to and after long term storage.

ISE Sensors
The key to ISE sensor storage, short or long-term, is to make certain that the sensor does not dry out. Sensor junctions that have been allowed to dry out due to improper storage procedures may be irreparably damaged by the dehydration and will require replacement.


Clean and Dry Pumps

Depending on the type of pumps you have, there a few maintenance things you should do before the temperatures really start to dip. If you have electric submersible sampling pumps or bladder pumps, residual water can collect within the housing causing corrosion, biological build-up, or damage to internal components if exposed to freezing conditions.

Note: freezing can occur when transporting equipment to the site. Either store equipment in climate controlled environments or prepare the equipment for the road/flight ahead.

Reference these manuals for maintenance guidance.

O-Ring Inspection & Maintenance

Many instruments utilizes o-rings as seals to prevent water from entering the battery compartment, electronics, or sensor ports. Geotech recommended procedures will help keep your instrument functioning properly. If the o-rings and sealing surfaces are not maintained properly, it is possible that water can enter the battery compartment and/or sensor ports of the instrument. If water enters these areas, it can severely damage the battery terminals or sensor ports causing loss of battery power, false readings, and corrosion to the sensors or battery terminals. Therefore, when the battery compartment lid is removed, the o-ring that provides the seal should be carefully inspected for contamination (e.g. debris, grit, etc.) and cleaned if necessary.

Dedicated Equipment and Reel Systems

To prevent frozen discharge lines from freezing, install freeze protection kits to pneumatic bladder pumps systems. The freeze protection kit includes an airline that runs parallel with the fluid discharge line. Once samples have been completed, air can be injected into the freeze protection line to evacuate fluids down 10 feet below ground surface.

Portable reel systems often house environmental discharge tubing where residual water can collect inside the tube coil. Be sure to unwind and carefully drain water for coiled hose prior to storage in environments without climate control; garage, shed, vehicle, etc.

Hydrocarbon recovery systems can foul due to increased viscosity of miscellaneous fluids as ambient air temperatures drop. As fluid viscosity increases, flow can decrease or even foul discharge lines. Consider industrial heat tape and buried conduit techniques to ensure trouble-free hydrocarbon recovery year round.
Average Viscosity of Miscellaneous Liquids Chart

Shipping or Transporting Equipment

Winter sample collection can be a challenging task. Avoid downtime in the field by preparing equipment for cold conditions when transporting or shipping equipment to and from your site. Here are some tips and tricks, plus items to expect with renting or purchasing equipment during winter months.

Since most commercial transportation cargo bays (air & ground) are not climate controlled, Geotech encourages smart equipment preparation and selective shipping methods.

  • pH/ORP sensors can freeze and break in freezing environments. Therefore Geotech recommends shipping these sensors using an overnight service and pack the equipment with Super HotHands pocket pillows that generate heat for up to 18 hours.
  • Electric submersible and bladder pumps can be damaged if frozen. Therefore Geotech recommends draining water from internal pump components prior to shipping or transporting to the field.
  • Photoionization Detectors (PID) are prone to condensation building up on lamps and sensors when stored in cold environments prior to operating. To avoid this, transport PIDs in the cabin of your vehicle to the site. Also consider operating PIDs from the cabin of the vehicle during cooler field days.

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Anemoment TriSonica™ MiniAnemoment TriSonica™ Mini

Longmont, CO – (November 8, 2021) – Anemoment LLC, a specialized meteorological instrument design firm located in Longmont, CO, announced today that Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. of Denver, CO has been awarded exclusive distribution rights for Anemoment's family of 3-dimensional ultrasonic anemometers...

read the full press release

Environmental Monitoring & Safety Equipment Spotlight

Going To Great Depths Eno Scientific Well Sounder 2010 Pro

Eno Scientific Sonic Water Level Meter uses sound-waves to quickly measure static water levels in wells, piezometers, and boreholes to depths up to 7000 ft.
EPA Procedure LSASDPROC-105-R4

Eno Scientific Well Sounder 2010 Pro

Contact Geotech for details…


Flexibility With
BW Flex Four Gas

BW Flex takes the guess-work out of whether worker safety is compromised or not.

Bluetooth connectivity and a two month runtime are only a couple features that come standard with the BW Flex.

BW Flex Four Gas

Contact Geotech for details


Big Things In
Small Packages

ION Science CUB

A personal PID monitor with total aromatic compound connection – available with a 10.0 eV lamp or NEW 11.7 eV lamp for even wider VOC detection.

ION Science CUB

Contact Geotech for details

Let It Sink In
FieldSink Sampling Station

Those who have used the NEW FieldSink Sampling Station have incorporated them into their standard equipment fleet.

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

FieldSink Sample Station

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Get Connected
Geotech SitePro

Spreadsheets aren't designed for time series data analytics. SitePro is.

  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Data Logging
  • Investigation & Troubleshooting
  • Secure Multi-User Access

Geotech SitePro

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Lab Result
Field Worthy

Geotech Turbidity Meter

Designed to withstand the rigor of field analysis with laboratory precision and repeatability, Geotech's Portable Turbidity Meter has become an instrument fleet must.
EPA Method 180.1
ISO Method 7027

Geotech Turbidity Meter

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Geotech November 2021 Photo Competition Winner

Geotech November 2021 Photo Competition Winner

Wendy S., a Project Scientist with Waite Heindel Environmental Management captured this photo of fall sampling in Vermont.

“Low-flow sampling using a Geotech Geosub pump and Geotech turbidity meter with beautiful Vermont foliage as a backdrop”.

Other equipment included a YSI Water Quality Meter which can be purchased or rented from Geotech.

Thanks Wendy for the Photo Competition submission.
– Geotech

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Enter the Geotech
Product Photo Competition!

Take a Picture

Win valuable prizes and have some fun taking
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Geotech brand equipment!
Take as many pictures as you like!
A $100 gift card will be awarded each month!
Winning photos will be published in
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What constitutes a winning photograph? We'll award points if your photo...

  • only shows Geotech equipment in use by real workers at real sites,
  • close-ups of the Geotech equipment,
  • equipment being used safely in observance of the health and safety procedures required
  • has companion photos showing as much of the site and surrounding area as possible (with site owner's permission, of course),
  • is well composed: nice framing, interesting background… extra points if the viewer can tell what type of project you were working on,
  • has an unusual twist or story: equipment being used overseas, of an interesting project, or for humanitarian purposes… wildlife or Mother Nature butting/intruding… the perfect shot at sunset, etc.
  • Digital photos only, in jpg or tiff formats, 2 MB or larger if possible.

Entering the competition is easy, go here to review the rules and guidelines and download the entry form. Every entry must be accompanied by a completed Geotech Photo Competition Entry Form.

Geotech UAS News


Launching a GeoSwift drone

"I enrolled in the course in preparation for the Part 107 exam. Initially, I thought the value of this training was solely the exam prep. After taking the course, the value is the knowledge, hands on training, and confidence to operate a UAS in the field. Leptron closes the gap between faking your way through or knowing what you are doing and why."
-Nathan W.


The health and safety during this global pandemic is our number one priority during training. To ensure a safe environment for Geotech Drone Flight Training attendees, we continue to follow CDC guidelines to ensure our 3500 square-foot training room is sanitized, seating is distanced, and students receive individual training books and practice aircraft.

Available Course Options:

  • Individual Private Instruction
  • Corporate/Group Courses
  • Public Agency – UAS Program Development
  • Recurrent Exam Preparation



Whether hiring a drone pilot
or seeking to become one, contact Geotech

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National Ground Water Association
Groundwater Week

December 14-16, 2021

NGWA Groundwater Week 2021

Navigate the future of the industry this
December at Groundwater Week 2021!

Groundwater Week is the one event where thousands of professionals from all sectors of the groundwater industry come together to discover solutions to current and future challenges.

When at the event please come by and visit us at Booth 429.

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Organized and Presented by

January 24-27, 2022

Eleventh International Conference on
the Remediation and Management
of Contaminated Sediments

The Sediments Conference series is a forum for sharing research results, practical experiences, and opportunities associated with remediation, restoring and ​managing the environmental and economic vitality of waterways. Maintaining the viability of these aquatic systems requires complex actions that affect a diverse group of stakeholders and raise a wide range of environmental, economic, political and social issues.

Battelle has presented this premier international technical conference since 2001. Look for us at Booth 120.

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Global Waste Management Symposium

February 14-17, 2022

Global Waste Management
Symposium 2022

Join us at the beautiful Indian Wells Resort for North America's #1 technical conference for research and case studies on waste management!

The 2022 GWMS conference program will be more comprehensive than ever, delivering the critical content and research that you need to know—and that warrants the two-year wait. Industry experts will be covering the topics you asked to learn more about.

Look for us at Booth 50.

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Society for Mining, Metallurgy & ExplorationMINEXCHANGE

February 27-March 2, 2022

MINEXCHANGE 2022 SME Annual Conference & Expo

MINEXCHANGE 2022 SME Annual Conference & Expo is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of mining engineering. Featuring a wide variety of technical sessions and speakers combined with our expansive exhibit hall, MINEXCHANGE attracts thousands of mining professionals from around the world.

Get a firsthand look at new products, comprehensive services and integrated solutions offered by exhibitors. With more than 750 booths, the Expo provides you with the opportunity to meet more vendors than any other industry conference. Please stop by and visit us at Booth 522.

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