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April 2022

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Earth Day
52 Years of Environmental Conservation

Before the modern environmental movement, it was difficult to pick out New York's iconic bridges through the thick smog and polluted air of the city. Countless power and chemical plants were leaching pollutants into the water supply and surounding soil. In Ohio, the Cuyahoga River actually set on fire due to oil covered trash being lit by sparks from a passing train. These polluted sites were just a part of everyday life and were seemingly considered the sacrifice for such great industrial progress.      

But there were those who knew we could do better. On April 22nd, 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson led what became the foundation of the environmental movement. 20 million Americans took to the streets and raised awareness around 200 years of poorly regulated Industrial development. This massive protest brought together all sides, exempt from politics, and eventually brought together people from all over the world. It led to the creation of the EPA, Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act.

In 1978, Geotech was approached by the USGS to start developing sampling products for water.

When we look out over our land today we can see what we have created with an even stronger lense. But with a higher understanding of our ecosystems, our environmental impact, the ability to test and see what is really in our water, air, and soil, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done. Though, on a day like today, we can remember how far we have come in just 42 years. We are entering into a new age of innovation and environmental awareness, with more ground breaking solutions surfacing every year. Solutions that are born from the industries we serve.

This year, over 50 years since the first Earth Day, we want to say a sincere thank you to everyone in this industry that plays a role in keeping our communities and lands evolving. We trust that with all of us doing our part, we will find that healthy balance with our beautiful home.

- The Geotech Family

We are honored and committed to provide expert equipment so that we can continue to have a positive impact on our world.

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Earth Day

GeoSub 2 Portable System
15% off Sale Price
10% off Rental

GeoSub2 Portable System with pelican case, controller, Geo Reel, and Submersible Electric Sample Pump

Spring is here!
We know the market is difficult right now as everyone tries to manage shipping and manufacturing material shortages across the country.
In response we would like to offer the Portable GeoSub 2 System at a discounted price for those looking for an electric submersible pump that can get the job done, NOW.

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The GeoSub2 is a versatile system capable of pumping water from depths of 200 feet below ground surface and even greater depths with a customized drop tube intake. This system can be modified for both low-flow and purge and sampling methods. This modular electrical submersible pump can be configured for either portable well-to-well applications or long-term dedicated deployments. With plenty of add-ons and customizations available, you can be sure your team will have what it needs this spring.

GeoSub 2 Specifications

Geosub 2 Manual

Geosub 2 Pump

- Most Versatile pump in the industry

- Sample from depths to 200ft. (61m)

- Low flow sampling rate to 10ml/min

- Optional Drop Tube Assembly for greater depth

- Field replaceable motor/module kits available

- Portable Reel Sustems or dedicated well systems available to meet your needs

Geosub 2 Controller

- Converts AC Voltage to variable up to 300watt DC voltage output. Inverter can be connected to a vehicle battery

- Short circuit protection

- Heavy duty rated power cable

- 2-line x 16 character wide temp range alpha-numeric digital display

- Push button Up/Down control

- Internal processor to log individual well parameters

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Geotech field days Social Media Invitation Graphic

Education, Equipment, and Networking are all a part of Geotech Field Days. Two days stacked with presentations and workshops, touring our facility and socializing at happy hour. June is right around the corner, Register Today!

We are looking forward to these presentations:

(More to be Announced)

-Geotech: Pump Systems, Sampling Methods, The Geotech SitePro, Remediation Equipment and MORE

-In-Situ: Water Quality Sondes, Transducers, Flow and Telemetry

-Aquaread: Optical Sensing and Dissolved Oxygen

-Seametrics: Single and Dual Parameter Smart Sensors and Flow Meters

-Defiant Technologies: Portable Gas Chromatography for VOC Analysis

-Honeywell: Wireless Gas Detection Solutions

-Pulsar Measurement: Doppler vs. Transit Time in your Flow Application Technologies

-Eno Scientific: Non-contact Water Level Measurements

-Geotech Computer Systems Inc. : Advancements in Environmental Data Management and Display

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A special Thank You to our current Sponsors for contributing to the success of these events and to our greater community!

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Geotech's Annual Charity Golf Tournament

June 25th

Jeff Popiel Sr. and crew Golfing

This year the tournament will be held at Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills in Westminster. Check in at 6:30am with free range balls provided, Shotgun start at 8:00am SHARP. Fee includes: Green Fees, Cart, Driving Range, Drink Tickets, Goodie Bag, and Food. Remember, all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. Last year 134 golfers entered and approximately $30,000.00 was raised for the charity with the help of our sponsors and participants.

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Vermont Branch Location is Moving

Google Map photo of new location

April 29th, our Vermont office will be closed. Monday, May 2nd you can find us at:

450 Weaver St., Suite #8 Winooski, VT 05404

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