Geotech Geosmart™
Dedicated Electrical Pump Sampling Systems

Custom manufactured to your specifications, pumps are secured in place with your choice of well caps and tubing. Geosmart pumping systems save you installation time and virtually eliminate the potential of cross contamination as compared to portable systems. Consider the cost of routine equipment blanks, decontamination time, wear and tear on your equipment and then decide if Geosmart is right for you.


  • Install in 10 minutes or less
    Systems are cut to length, pre-assembled and individually packaged, for easy installation.
  • More representative data
    Eliminates the risk of cross contamination and is an EPA approved method for VOC collection.
  • Saves time!
    No need to decontaminate since you are not moving pumps from well to well.
  • Low-flow sample rates


  • Well caps for a variety of applications and budgets.
  • Tubing is available in a variety of sizes & materials:
    Polyethylene, FEP lined poly, FEP, PVC nylobraid.
  • FEP coated stainless steel safety cable.
  • Custom well cap and fitting options available upon request.
Geotech SS Geosub & Grundfos Well Caps

Geotech Geosub 2 & Grundfos Well Caps

A  Grundfos style well seal. Low profile sealing well cap.

B  Geotech slip fit well caps for above grade wells.
     Most common lowest cost well cap configuration.

C  Geotech flush mount sealing well caps for below grade wells. Use for wells with minimal clearance.


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Dedicated Geosub 2Dedicated Grundfos Redi-Flo2
Dedicated Geosub 2   Dedicated Grundfos