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Model 7545
Model 7545

Models 7515, 7525 and 7545
Indoor Air Quality Meters

TSI's IAQ-Calc Meters are outstanding instruments for investigating and monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ). The
Model 7515 is a cost-effective meter for carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements. The Models 7525 and 7545 simultaneously measures and data logs multiple parameters. The Model 7525 measures CO2, temperature, humidity, calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and % outside air. The Model 7545 adds carbon monoxide (CO).

  • Low-drift NDIR CO2 sensor for stable, accurate readings
  • Sampling function records multiple point measurements
  • Ergonomic, over-molded case design

Model 7515

  • For basic CO2 measurements indoors

Models 7525 & 7545 Add:

  • Temperature and relative humidity measurements help determine thermal comfort
  • Calculates % outside air from either CO2 or temperature
  • Directly calculates dew point and wet bulb temperatures
  • Electrochemical sensor measures CO (Model 7545)

Data Logging – Models 7525 and 7545

  • TSI LogDat2™ software permits easy transfer of data to a computer
  • Data can be reviewed on-screen, or downloaded to a computer for easy report generation
  • Statistics function displays average, maximum and minimum values, and the number of recorded samples

Call 1-800-833-7958

TSI IAQ-Calc™ Specifications
TSI 7515 IAQ-Calc™ Operation and Service Manual
TSI 7525 IAQ-Calc™ Operation and Service Manual
TSI 7545 IAQ-Calc™ Operation and Service Manual

VelociCalc Model 9515

VelociCalc Model 9515

TSI VelociCalc® Model 9515
Air Velocity Meters

The Model 9515 is the economical choice for a digital Air Velocity Meter, without compromising accuracy or precision. Professionals find them the ideal tool for face velocity measurements in fume hoods, spray booths, or for IAQ and ventilation system checks. The Model 9515 features a 40-inch telescoping integrated probe for difficult to reach measurements.

  • Accurate air velocity measurement
    0 to 4,000 ft/min range (0 to 20 m/s)
  • Integrated probe attachment
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Calibration certificate included

Call 1-800-833-7958

TSI VelociCalc® 9515 Specifications
TSI VelociCalc® 9515 Operation and Service Manual

VelociCalc Model 9545

VelociCalc Model 9545

TSI VelociCalc® Models 9535 and 9545

The Models 9535 and 9545 air velocity meters are like having multiple meters — for the price of just one. These meters simultaneously measure and data log several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. Both models measure velocity, temperature and calculate flow. The Model 9545 also measures relative humidity, calculates dew point and wet bulb temperature. Models 9535 and 9545 have telescopic straight probes; Models 9535-A and 9545-A have telescopic articulated probes.

  • Simple to operate
  • Accurate air velocity measurement
  • Simultaneously measure temperature and velocity
  • Displays up to three measurements simultaneously
  • Measures humidity (Model 9545 and 9545-A)
  • Calculates volumetric flow and actual/standard velocity
  • Data log 12,700+ samples and 100 test IDs
  • LogDat2™ downloading software included
  • Articulated probe versions available
    (9535-A and 9545-A)

Call 1-800-833-7958

TSI VelociCalc® 9535 and 9545 Specifications
TSI VelociCalc® 9535 Operation and Service Manual
TSI VelociCalc® 9545 Operation and Service Manual

TSI VelociCalc 9565

TSI VelociCalc® 9565
Multi-Function Ventilation Meter

The Series 9565 are portable, hand held, Multi-Function Ventilation Test Instruments. These instruments are available with or without a differential pressure sensor and are designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes. The probes allow users to make various measurements by simply plugging in a different probe that has the features and functions best suited for a particular application. They are designed to measure air velocity, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2 and VOCs. Calculations include air flow, heat flow, turbulence, wet bulb and dew point temperature.

The probes can be ordered at any time and include a data sheet with certificate of traceability. When its time for servicing, only the probe needs to be returned since all the calibration data is stored within the probe.

  • Best-in-class air velocity accuracy
  • Displays up to 5 measurements simultaneously
  • Optional “smart” plug-in probes, including VOC, CO2 and rotating vane probes
  • Large graphic display
  • Multiple data logging formats
  • TrakPro™ and LogDat2™ software included
  • Program for local language
  • Bluetooth® communications for transferring data or remote polling

Call 1-800-833-7958

TSI VelociCalc® 9565 Specifications
TSI VelociCalc® 9565 Operation and Service Manual



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