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Manuals by Manufacturer

On this page are links to current manuals from the environmental equipment manufacturers that Geotech sells. All are in the downloadable PDF format.
Look here for legacy manuals.

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» Bruker
» CES-Landtec
» Coyote
» En Novative Technologies
» Global Water
» Grundfos
» Hach
» Heuresis
» HF Scientific

» Honda Generators
» Horiba
» In‐Situ Inc.
» Ion Science Ltd.
» LaMotte
» MAT Industries
» Oakton
» RAE Systems

» Seametrics
» SonTek
» SubSurface
» Thermo Scientific
» Thomas Renegade
» YSI Environmental


S1 TITAN / TRACER 5i User Manual

S1 TITAN QuickStart Guide

TRACER 5i QuickStart Guide

Radiation Safety Manual




GEM 2000 Plus Operation Manual

GEM 5000 Operation Manual


3 Phase 230V Iinstructions

Single Phase-All Instructions

En Novative Technologies

En Core® Disposable Sampler Procedures

Terra Core® Disposable Sampler Instructions

Global Water

FP111‐FP211-FP311 Global Water Flow Probe Manual



Redi‐Flo VFD Installation & Operating Instructions–2009

Redi‐Flo2 with VFD Installation & Operating Instructions

Redi-Flo3 Installation and Operating Instructions

CU 300 Installation and Operating Instructions

Redi-Flo4 Installation and Operating Instructions


Model 2100P Instrument and Procedure Manual

Hach 2100Q & 2100Q is User Manual

Hach 2100Q & 2100Q is Basic User Manual

Hach DR 900 User Manual



Heuresis Pb200i User Guide

HF Scientific

MicroTPI & MicroTPW Turbidimeters Owners Manual

Honda Generators

Generator EB3000 • EB4000 Owner’s Manual

Generator EM3800SX, EM5000SX, EM6500SX Manual

Generator EU1000i Owner’s Manual

Generator EU2000i Owner’s Manual

Generator EU3000is Owner’s Manual



U‐50FC Instruction Manual

U‐50 Series Instruction Manual

U‐50PC Instruction Manual

W‐22XD.23XD Operation Manual

In‐Situ Inc.

Aqua TROLL 100 and 200 Operator’s Manual

Aqua TROLL 500 Operator's Manual

Aqua TROLL 500 Quickstart Guide

Aqua TROLL 600 Operator’s Manual

Level TROLL 100, 200 Operator’s Guide

Level TROLL 300, 500, 700, 700H, BaroTROLL Manual

Rugged TROLL® Operator's Manual

smarTROLL Multiparameter Operator's Manual

smarTROLL RDO Operator's Manual

TROLL 9500 Operator's Manual

Win‐Situ 4.0 User’s Guide

Win-Situ 5 & Win-Situ Mobil Quick Start Guide


Ion Science Ltd.

Cub User Manual

GasCheck G 1, 2 and 3 (Graphical) User Manual

MVI User Manual

PhoCheck 1000 User Manual

Tiger Instrument User Manual

TigerLT Instrument User Manual

Tiger Select Instrument User Manual

Titan Instrument User Manual


2020e, 2020i Turbidity Meter Instruction Manual

2020we, 2020wi Turbidity Meter Instruction Manual

ColorQ DW Instruction Manual

SMART2 Colorimeter Operator's Manual

SMART2 Colorimeter Reagent Systems Test Instructions

SMART3 Colorimeter Operator's Manual


MAT Industries

MAT Industries Electric Air Compressor Manual

MAT Industries Gas Powered Air Compressor Manual


pHTestr 50 Operating Instructions

ORPTestr 50 Operating Instructions

CTSTestr 50 Operating Instructions

PCTSTestr 50 Operating Instructions

pH 300, 310 Operating Instructions

CON 400/410, TDS 400 Operating Instructions

CON 150, CON 450 Operating Instructions


DO 300 Operating Instructions

DO 450, pH/DO 450 Operating Instructions

Portable and Waterproof pH/CON 10 Meters Instructions

pH/CON 300 Operating Instructions

pH 150, pH 450 Operating Instructions

RDO 450 Sensor Operating Instructions

WP 600 Series Meters Integrated Instruction Manual

RAE Systems

AreaRAE Pro & Plus User's Guide

AutoRAE 2 Controller Quick Start Guide

AutoRAE 2 Cradle Quick Start Guide

AutoRAE Lite for QRAE II Quick Start Guide

AutoRAE Lite for QRAE II User's Guide

AutoRAE Lite for ToxiRAE 3 Quick Start Guide

AutoRAE Lite for ToxiRAE 3 User's Guide

EchoView User's Guide

EchoView Host User's Guide

EntryRAE PGM‐3000 Multi‐Gas Monitor User Manual

FA-200 Alarm Bar User's Guide

FMC 2000 Controller User's Guide

MeshGuard EC User's Guide

MeshGuard Gamma User's Guide

MeshGuard LEL CO2 IR User's Guide

Mesh Router User's Guide

MicroRAE Quick Start Guide

MicroRAE User's Guide

MiniRAE 2000 Operation and Maintenance Manual

MiniRAE 3000 User’s Guide

MiniRAE 3000 ppbRAE 3000 Pocket Reference

MiniRAE Lite User’s Guide

MultiRAE Plus Multiple‐Gas Monitor User Manual

MultiRAE Lite Diffused QuickStart Guide

MultiRAE Pumped QuickStart Guide

MultiRAE User's Guide

MultiRAE Series User's Guide

PowerPak User's Guide

ppbRAE 3000 User’s Guide

ppbRAE Plus Operation and Maintenance Manual

Q‐RAE Operation and Maintenance Manual

QRAE 3 User's Guide

ToxiRAE Operation and Maintenance Manual

ToxiRAE 3 QuickStart Guide

ToxiRAE 3 User’s Guide

ToxiRAE Pro CO2 QuickStart Guide

ToxiRAE Pro CO 2 User's Guide

ToxiRAE Pro (EC) QuickStart Guide

ToxiRAE Pro (EC) User's Guide

ToxiRAE Pro LEL QuickStart Guide

ToxiRAE Pro LEL User's Guide

ToxiRAE Pro PID QuickStart Guide

ToxiRAE Pro PID User's Guide

UltraRAE Operation and Maintenance Manual

UltraRAE 3000 Basic Operation Pocket Reference

UltraRAE 3000 User’s Guide



Aqua4Plus 2.0 Instructions

Aqua4Plus 2.0 Software Quick Start Guide

Upgrading CT2X and PT2X Sensors for Aqua4Plus 2.0

BaroSCOUT Barometric Pressure & Temp. Instructions

CT2X Conductivity/Temp. Smart Sensor Instructions

DO2 Dissolved Oxygen Smart Sensor Instructions

LevelSCOUT Level & Temp. Smart Sensor Instructions

PT2X-BV Barometric/Vacuum Smart Sensor Instructions

PT2X Pressure/Temp. Datalogging Sensor Instructions

TempHion pH/ORP Smart Sensor Instructions

TempHion ISE Bromide & Temp. Smart Sensor Instructions

Turbo Turbidity Smart Sensor Instructions


FlowTracker2 Quickstart Guide

FlowTracker2 User's Manual

SubSurface Instruments

Model ML-1 ML-1M Magnetic Locator Manual

Thermo Scientific

Model AQ4000 Instruction Manual

Model AQ4500 Instruction Manual

Model pDR‐1500 Instruction Manual

Innova Quick Reference

Innova Series Operator’s Manual

Orion Star A211-A221-A321 Reference Guide

Orion Star A212-A222-A322 Reference Guide

Orion Star A213-A223-A323 Reference Guide

Orion Star A214-A324 Reference Guide

Orion Star A215-A325 Reference Guide

Orion Star A216-A326 Reference Guide

Orion Star A329 Reference Guide

Russell RL060C User’s Guide

Russell RL060P User’s Guide

TVA‐1000B Toxic Vapor Analyzer Instruction Manual

TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer Instruction Manual

Thomas Renegade

Model T‐200ST Owner’s Manual & Operating Instruction

Model TG‐400HST Owner’s Manual & Instruct.

Model TG‐550H Owner’s Manual & Operating Instruction


IAQ‐Calc Model 7515 Operation and Service Manual

IAQ‐Calc Model 7525 Operation and Service Manual

IAQ‐Calc Model 7545 Operation and Service Manual

VelociCalc® Model 9515 Operation and Service Manual

VelociCalc® 9535/9535‐A Operation and Service Man.

VelociCalc® 9545/9545‐A Operation and Service

VelociCalc® Model 9565 Operation and Service Man.


Cond 3110 Operating Manual

Cond 3210 Operating Manual

Cond 3310 Operating Manual

Cond 3310 IDS Operating Manual

Multi 197i Operating Manual

Multi 3320 Operating Manual

Multi 340i Operating Manual

Multi 3410 IDS Operating Manual

Multi 3420 IDS Operating Manual

Multi 3430 IDS Operating Manual

Multi 350i Operating Manual

Multi 3510 IDS Operating Manual

Multi 3620 IDS Operating Manual

Multi 3630 IDS Operating Manual

Oxi 3205 Operating Manual

Oxi 3210 Operating Manual

Oxi 3310 Operating Manual

Oxi 3310/3315 IDS Operating Manual

pH 3110 Operating Manual

pH 3210 Operating Manual

pH 3310 Operating Manual

pH 3310 IDS Operating Manual

pH/ION 3310 Quick Start Guide

pH/Cond 3320 Quick Start Guide


YSI Environmental

6‐Series Manual

9300 Photometer Instructions

9500 Photometer Instructions

EcoSense® DO200 Operations Manual

EcoSense® DO200A, DO200M User Manual

EcoSense® EC30A Operations Manual

EcoSense® EC300 Operations Manual

EcoSense® EC300A, EC300M User Manual

EcoSense® ODO200, ODO200M User Manual

EcoSense® ORP15 ORP/Temp Operations Manual

EcoSense® ORP15A ORP/Temp Operations Manual

EcoSense® pH10 pH/Temp Operations Manual

EcoSense® pH10A pH/Temp Operations Manual

EcoSense® pH100 Operations Manual

EcoSense® pH100A, pH100M User Manual

Model 85 Operations Manual

Pro20 User Manual

Pro30 User Manual

Pro1020 User Manual

Pro1030 User Manual

Pro2030 User Manual

ProDSS User Manual

ProDSS Quick Start Guide

Professional Plus User Manual

ProODO User Manual

ProOBOD User Manual

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