Manuals, Instructions & Quick Start Guides

The list below are links to Geotech equipment manuals. They are free e-manual downloads of the printed manuals that came with the equipment.

At the bottom of this page are links to e-manuals of discontinued equipment.

Manuals require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®

 Delta Epsilon 1A-150 Logging System

 Delta Epsilon 3A-300 Logging System

 Geotech 1.66 Reclaimer

 Geotech 2.4 Liter Barrel Filter

 Geotech AR4 4" Auto-Reclaimer

 Geotech 3.5" Reclaimer

 Geotech 4-20 mA Display

 Geotech 5000' ET-Poly Tape Electric Rewind Water Level Meter

 Geotech Modular Battery Pack

 Geotech Bladder Pumps

 Geotech BP (Bladder Pump) Controller 300 PSI

 Geotech BP (Bladder Pump) Controller 500 PS

 Geotech 12 Volt BUuck & BUuck Plus Controllers

 Geotech Colloidal Borescope Manual

 Geotech DC to AC Inverter

 Geotech Environmental Control Module (GECM)

 Geotech ET Water Level Meter

 Geotech ETL Water Level Meter

 Geotech 1500'-3000' Water Level Meters

 GECM Pneumatic Pump Controller

 Geotech Filter Holders

 Geotech Geocontrol PRO Pump Controller


 Geotech Geoflo3

 Geotech Geopump Peristaltic Pump

 Geotech Geo Reel

 Geotech Geosquirt Purge Pump

 Geotech Geosub 2 & Controller Manual

 Geotech Geosub 2 & Controller Quick Start Guide

 Geotech Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger

 Geotech Hand Pump

 Geotech High Vacuum Sampler

 Geotech High Volume Probe Scavenger

 Geotech Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit

 Geotech Inflatable Packer Manual

 Geotech Interface Meter

 Geotech Interface Probe With Float

 Geotech Large Diameter Dangle Scavenger

 Geotech Large Diameter Filter Scavenger

 Geotech LO-PRO II and GECM

 Geotech LO-PRO III and GECM

 Geotech PFAS-Free Portable Bladder Pump Manual

 Geotech Plume Eater

 Geotech Portable Bladder Pumps

 Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter


 Geotech PRC (Product Recovery Canister)

 Geotech PRS Control Panel

 Geotech PVC Bladder Pumps

 Geotech Pressure Transducer

 Redi-Flo2 & Geotech VFD Systems Manual

 Geotech Sand Shaker

 Geotech Shallow Well Probe Scavenger

 Geotech Sipper

 Geotech Sipper Pump and Skimmer

 Geotech Small Diameter Filter Scavenger

 Geotech SDFS Handheld Indicator

 Geotech Small Diameter Probe Scavenger

 Geotech SpOILer Controllerless Recovery

 Geotech SS High Flow Air Stripper Manual

 Geotech SVE & Air Sparge Systems

 Geotech Water Level Meter + Temperature

 Geotech WTD Pump XP Control Module

 Geotech WTDP and GECM Manual

 GTHDD Series Air Dryers

 GTRDD Series Air Dryers

 Snap Sampler Deployment Guide

 Snap Sampler

Legacy Manuals

 Geotech 3.5" Reclaimer Prior to 09/2022

Geotech Auto Sampler

 Geotech Colloidal Borescope, Prior to 2023

 Geotech Filter Holders, Prior to 2023 (102mm size included)

 Geotech Geocontrol 2 Logic Unit

 Geotech Geosub 2 and Controller, 2022

 Geotech Geosub 2 and Controller, Prior to 2022

 Geotech Geosub 2 and Controller Quick Start Guide, Prior to 2022

 Geotech Guzzler

 Geotech 1.66 Reclaimer, old version

 Geotech 3.5 Reclaimer, old version


 Geotech Borehole Resistivity System

 Geotech SitePro Telemetry System Manual

 Geotech SS Geosub & Controller

 Geotech SS Geosub/AC Controller Quick Start

 Geotech PRC (Product Recovery Canister), Prior to 2023

 Geotech Pressure Transducer, Prior to 2022

 Geotech PRS (Product Recovery System)

 Redi-Flo2 & Geotech VFD Systems Manual, White Version

 Geotech Filter Bucket

 Geotech Interface Probe with ORS-Style Frame

 Geotech Natural Gamma Ray Logging System


 Geotech Water Table Depression Pump GECM