Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Motivation:

Environmental resources influence every aspect of society, from the viability of industrial practices and technological advancements to our quality of life and the vitality of our communities. As a leader in the environmental industry, Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. is committed to a sustainable future by offering proven, comprehensive environmental resources and environmental management solutions. We understand and adapt to new challenges and collaborate with industry partners to build a better tomorrow.

  Our Motivation

Our Mission:

Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. strives to be a model environmental equipment manufacturer and supplier of customer-centered, regulatory-focused scientific field equipment that contributes to high quality and repeatable data for monitoring global environmental conditions.

  Our Mission

Our Vision:

Our diverse work environment cultivates ideas that drive continuous improvement, enhancing engineering and manufacturing quality, furthering employee prosperity, and promoting progressive advocacy to elevate our industry, community, and economy.

  Our Vision

Our Core Values:

Environment is at the core of what we do - from manufacturing and supporting high-quality field equipment, to improving operations to reduce negative affects to the environment in keeping with our ISO standards. It's our responsibility to lead environmental initiatives by being the example.

Customer-Centered is an organizational commitment that puts our customers first. From being available and approachable, to listening and understanding each unique application - it's our goal to ensure every customer experiences world-class products, service, and support.

Safety is a way of life – through personal commitment at all levels of the organization. We take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those around us, both at work and at home, and build a culture of well-being.

Communication is a foundational value that combines our emphasis on open source sharing with our focus on continuous improvement as individuals and as an organization. Good communication practices and resources drive decision making, organizational development, and metrics to gauge progress.

Partnerships with environmental associations and organizations that champion responsible industry advancement are essential to Geotech. We establish and maintain a solid network of customers, suppliers and industry leaders to create enduring value for all involved.


  Our Core Values