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Ground Water Remediation – Free Phase Hydrocarbons

Passive Hydrocarbon Recovery

Geotech Filter Buckets empty and full
Filter Bucket™ Empty and Full

Geotech Filter Bucket™
Passive Hydrocarbon Recovery Skimmer

The Geotech Filter Bucket™ is an independently floating passive hydrocarbon recovery skimmer that is equipped with a visual alarm to indicate when the bucket is full. The heart of the system is a floating cartridge that recovers product for storage in an integral 2-liter reservoir. Actual separation of product from water is carried out by a mesh screen located in the cartridge. This screen is specially treated to pass oil and repel water.

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Geotech Filter Bucket Specifications
Geotech Filter Bucket Manual

Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit

2 inch and 4 inch GeoSorbs
2" (5cm) Well Size and 4" (10cm) Well Size


Geotech GeoSorb
Selective Product Recovery Sock

The GeoSorb is designed to recover free phase hydrocarbons from 2" or 4" (5cm or 10cm) and larger wells. The GeoSorb System consists of a stainless steel screened cage assembly and a product selective absorbent. The system is lowered down the well where it passively absorbs free product.

  • Designed for 2" or 4" (5cm or 10cm)
    and larger wells
  • Designed to recover the product, not the water
  • Absorbent sock refills available in cases of 12, or individually
  • Heavy-duty #304 stainless steel screen assembly
  • PTFE coated stainless steel hanger
  • Ballast weight for optimal submergence

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Geotech GeoSorb Specifications

2 inch PRCs4 inch cutaway view
2" PRCs with & without protective screen (left) and 4" PRC cutaway view (right)

Geotech PRC
Passive Skimmer

The Geotech PRC (Product Recovery Canister) is a passive skimmer with a floating intake that separates and recovers light hydrocarbons from ground water. The Geotech PRC collects floating product down to a sheen then is emptied through a discharge valve at the bottom of the canister after being raised to the surface.

  • Oleophilic / Hydrophobic filter buoy recovers
    product without taking in water
  • Quick fill time – about 15 minutes with
    ample product
  • Protected easy release drain valve
  • Able to convert to active recovery systems

2" PRC

  • 12" (30.5cm) effective buoy travel
  • 4 recovery capacities: .125, .25, .5 and 1 liter
  • Transparent recovery canister
  • 2" (5cm) or larger monitoring well applications
  • Protective screen versions

4" PRC

  • 16" (40.6cm) effective buoy travel
  • 3 recovery capacities: 1, 3 and 4 liter
  • 4" (10cm) or larger monitoring well applications
  • Buoy protected in 0.020 (.5mm) slot PVC screen

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Geotech PRC Specifications
Geotech PRC Manual

Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit

Geotech Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger

Geotech Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger
Floating Oil/Water Separator

The Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger is a two piece housing designed to float an oil/water separator cartridge at the oil/water surface of a holding vessel. Once floated on the surface and its output hose is connected, it is ready to start recovering product.

  • Requires no power
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Screens available in 100 mesh or 60 mesh
  • For hydrocarbons with specific gravity < 1.0
  • For use with hydrocarbon viscosities 50 to 400 SSU

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Geotech Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger Specifications
Geotech Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger Manual

See the Geotech Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit below.

Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit

Geotech Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit

The Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit is used to determine hydrocarbon viscosity vs. applicability of the oleophilic/
hydrophobic screen technology. It is especially useful when the Geotech Product Recovery System is going to be used to collect varying hydrocarbons.

The test kit comes with a glass container and lid, floatable test screens of 100 and 60 mesh, sample container, and a syringe for injecting the sample. This screen technology is used on Geotech's product line of assorted intake cartridges and Skimmer assemblies.

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Geotech Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit User Manual



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