Dekaport Sample Splitter

The Dekaport Sample Splitter is a pour-through device machined from solid fluoropolymer used for splitting water samples for a wide range of particle sizes and water volumes.

  • Constructed of 100% Fluoropolymer for excellent sample integrity.
  • Splits water samples quickly & effectively.
  • No flat walls, or benched surfaces inside the chamber to interfere with splitting process.
  • Ten exit ports to precisely direct individual subsamples into subsample containers.
  • Includes 10 pieces of 1/4" x 3/8" FEP tubing to prevent any back pressure or restriction of flow from splitting chamber.
  • Designed and manufactured for the U.S.G.S.*

* For further information on this, refer to U.S.G.S. Water-Resources Investigations Report 95-4141, and unpublished U.S.G.S. data; Cleaning Study of Fluoropolymer Cone for Inorganic Constituents, Shelton & Capel, 1994; also Evaluation of Fluoropolymer Cone Duplicates for Water and Sediment, Crawford, 1993; and Fluoropolymer Cone Versus Traditional Sediment Method, Dennehy, 1993.


Height w/Legs   26.11"
Height of Splitter Alone   13.36"
Reservoir   PTFE
Funnel   PTFE
Short Stand Pipe   PTFE
Splitter Head   PTFE
Outside Frame   Anodized aluminum
Tripod Legs   Anodized aluminum
Diameter of Top Reservoir   4"


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Dekaport Sample Splitter
Dekaport Sample Splitter shown with Optional Lid