Telemetry Systems with Remote Data Access

Geotech Remote Telemetry Systems are a highly effective solution for remote data collection and monitoring. We offer an expansive range of sensor configurations for nearly any environment or process being monitored.

The use of telemetry allows for easy unmanned control of data collection and monitoring from anywhere at any time. It is the ideal solution when routine data collection points are difficult to access, travel is required, or time-series data and alerts are needed.

Systems are user-friendly with a straightforward setup process, making it a preferred choice for researchers, engineers, project managers, and facility managers. Besides making work easier, our system eliminates the need for manual data collection, which can be a challenge in remote locations.

The telemetry system is built to withstand unfavorable weather conditions and rugged terrain, rain or shine, Geotech’s custom tailored system provides reliable 24/7 monitoring.

Ayyeka Wavlet Devices

By utilizing Ayyeka's state-of-the art Industrial IoT technology, remote monitoring operations can benefit from greater efficiency, reduced system breakdowns and better regulatory adherence. With robust software integrated into the devices' systems, continuous monitoring provides powerful situational awareness that helps to ensure smooth operation and reduced site visits. It offers ruggedized IP68, NEMA6p hardware, and a powerful feature-rich AI-driven software platform that integrates with almost any 3rd party industrial data management platform.

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Ayyeka Wavelet Devices Specifications
Ayyeka Wavelet Devices User Manual
4R Quick Start Guide
V2 Quick Start Guide
ExV2 Quick Start Guide

Wavelet Device in the field

Site Pro Geotech Site Pro Telemetry System

Geotech SitePro is a wireless telemetry system that uses cellular networks to seamlessly provide real-time environmental monitoring data. Designed with sensor compatibility in mind - SitePro easily integrates with analog, pulse, RS485 Modbus RTU, RS232, and SDI-12 communication instruments. SiteView is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that streamlines the project management process by offering site data access from any computer or smartphone with internet connectivity.

SiteView is a centralized project management cloud-based application that provides remote access to data collected at one or multiple sites. The online platform displays live readings, systems status, configure alerts, and export recorded data.

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Geotech SitePro System Specifications
Geotech SitePro Telemetry System Manual
Geotech SitePro Programming Form