Industry Specific Equipment

Environmental equipment solutions for your specific industry.


Each industry has its own compliance rules and needs. We develop and supply equipment to meet the specific requirements of industrial sites.

Landfill Equipment Landfill Equipment

Early landfills where poorly designed and managed resulting in dangerous levels of pollution in the environment.

Modern landfills are complex sites designed and built to contain pollutants, that they accept or create, from entering the surrounding environment.

Geotech offers a wide variety of equipment that can be used by landfill operators for sampling and monitoring water, soil and air at or near their site.

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Coal Bed Methane Well Pump Control Geotech Pressure Transducer

Coal beds are a source of unconventional gas. Coal bed methane (CBM) is naturally created during the geologic process of converting plant material to coal (coalification). To extract the methane, CBM operators drill wells into coal seams and pump out ground water (produced water or CBM wastewater).

Extracting methane gas from coal beds is dangerous work and requires precision to avoid polluting the surrounding environment.

Geotech has developed equipment for CBM operators that makes methane extraction safer, less polluting, and more efficient for greater yields.

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Typical landfill diagram

Diagram of a modern landfill showing where Geotech products can be used.


Coal bed methane well

Diagram showing how Geotech CBM equipment can be used.