Geotech Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Technology

Geotech Unmanned Aircraft Systems innovates, manufactures and distributes patented, unmanned technology which can be piloted remotely using advanced ground station products. Geotech's unmanned aerial systems (UASs) are certified for airworthiness, manufactured in the USA, and include pilot training.

Made in the USA

Geotech's lean manufacturing facility is ISO Certified and meets OSHA safety requirements. Leptron technologies are now available for commercial, public and private applications. On-site maintenance and repair ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance and ready for your next assignment. With decades of aerospace experience, Geotech leads the industry in sensing technologies that are cutting-edge and adept at efficient solutions.

Geotech Drone Flight Training Federal Aviation Administration


Students from all backgrounds and experience levels will gain valuable industry knowledge and hands-on experience learning how to fly professional-grade unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) both manually and autonomously. Geotech instructors incorporate real-world experience to help students conduct search and rescue missions, inspections, data collection and processing.


Per Title 14 CFR Parts 61, 91, and 107 "A person operating a small UAS must hold a remote pilot airmen certificate with a small UAS rating." Geotech pilot instructors offer the experience, knowledge, and authority to prepare students for the Aeronautical Knowledge Exam. The ground school module in combination with flight training gives students a thorough perspective of airspace and how to share it responsibly.

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Geotech Drone Mapping Services 3D Sparse Point Cloud

Since 2009, Geotech has been utilizing sUAS (small-unmanned aircraft system) technology to collect videography, photography, and remote sensor data as a professional service. The services we offer provide an aerial perspective tailored to your needs. Collectively, our team offers decades of manned and unmanned aviation experience.

Why Choose Geotech?

  • FAA Approved
  • Fully Insured
  • Flying Commercial-grade sUAS Technology
  • Industry Specific Remote Sensors
  • Experienced Manned & Unmanned Pilots

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Geotech Aerial Photography Aerial City View

Since 2009, Geotech utilizes unmanned aircraft technology to collect drone photography, video, and remote data for aerial mapping as a professional service. Our team of remote pilots are authorized by the FAA to operate UAS commercially nationwide. These services provide an aerial perspective tailored to your unique business or project needs.

Why Choose Geotech?

  • Timely data acquisition, processing, and delivery
  • Certified and Licensed Staff
  • Guaranteed accuracy and reliability of data
  • Customized solutions
  • Cost effective, high resolution deliverables

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Wind & Weather Sensors Anemoment TriSonica Mini

Anemoment TriSonica™ Mini

The TriSonica™ Mini is a compact weather station that measures a suite of weather conditions with great accuracy. Using ultrasonic technology, the TriSonica™ Mini provides 3D wind direction, speed, air temperature, humidity, pressure, and compass data. The instrument uses four measurement path sensors for calculated redundancy and an open flow design providing the least possible distortion of the wind field.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • No maintenance, rugged design
  • Mount to unmanned aircraft systems for remote weather reporting
  • Real-time 3-dimensional air flow data
  • User customizable data outputs
  • Power optimization 9-36 VDC

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Anemoment TriSonica Mini Specifications
Anemoment TriSonica Mini User Manual
Anemoment TriSonica User App


Army, Made in USA, ISO

RDASS Quadcopter with strobe and GoPro camera

Geotech RDASS Quadcopters Leptron RDASS Quadcopter

Rapidly Deployable Aerial Surveillance System (RDASS) Quadcopters are innovative high-performance systems for high or low altitude surveillance, photography and sensor deployment.

Product Choices

GeoSwift Mapper Fixed Wing GeoSwift Mapper

The GeoSwift Mapper UAS was designed as an advanced fully autonomous, yet simple to operate, survey and mapping unmanned aircraft system. The mission planning software is intuitive allowing operators to get up and flying quickly. Take-off is performed through a simple hand launch, and the landing algorithm features a robust and precise autonomous landing. The GeoSwift Mapper UAS also features an interchangeable camera payload bay providing flexibility to suite your business's needs. Select from one or multiple cameras to produce professional outputs that include:

  • Orthomosaic
  • DSM (Digital Surface Model)
  • 3D Mesh With Texture
  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)
  • Point Cloud
  • Thermal/IR

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Remo-M Fixed-Wing UAS Remo-M Fixed-Wing UAS

The Remo-M is widely used unmanned aircraft system built for mobility, rapid deployment, and aerial mapping applications. Featuring a one-of-a-kind deep-stall vertical landing feature, the Remo-M only requires a 15 meter radius landing area. Users benefit from the simplicity of flight planning software and intuitive user interface. Oblique images with roll axis gimbal for intelligent 3D modeling. The Remo-M is the most advanced fixed-wing UAV in its class, delivering greater efficiency, flight mission flexibility and simplicity.

  • Lightweight – hand-launch design
  • Autonomous Operation & Autoland
  • Quick interchangeable sensor payloads
    Sony 20mm, Rededge, Sequoia
  • Adjustable Angle (2-axis) Roll Gimbal
  • Flexible take-off and Landing

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Leptron Avenger

The Avenger™ Helicopter is an innovative platform that creates a mobile high-performance system for high or low altitude surveillance, aerial photography and sensor management. Leptron's patent-pending design is designed specifically for industrial use and maximum flight time with minimum down time.

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