Rental Water Sampling

Water sampling equipment is used to collect water quality data to assess surface-water and groundwater resources. This is often done for site compliance and remedial performance monitoring.

Geotech provides a variety of equipment used in the collection of water quality samples that are representative of the ambient environment. A representative sample is one that typifies the characteristics of the water of interest at the time of collection. Obtaining representative samples is of primary importance for an accurate analysis of the water environment.

The type of sampling equipment or sampling system used for groundwater depends on the type of well, depth to water from ground surface, physical characteristics of the well, groundwater chemistry, and the analytes targeted for study. Selecting the appropriate equipment for collecting groundwater samples is important in order to obtain data that will meet study objectives and data-quality requirements.

Depending on your groundwater sampling requirements, Geotech offers these choices for the best water samples:

Geopump Peristaltic Pump Geotech Geopump Peristaltic Pump

  • Ideal for shallow well and surface water sources
  • A variety of power options available
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Very portable in the field or in the lab
  • Samples only come in contact with the tubing
  • Can be used for fluid transfer

Bladder Pumps Geotech Portable Bladder Pumps

  • Ideal for both inorganic constituents and volatile organic compounds
  • Dedicated or portable versions
  • Made from easy-to-decontaminate materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain in the field
  • Controllers for easy, low-flow sampling control
Portable groundwater low-flow sampling
Portable groundwater low-flow sampling

Electrical Submersible Pumps Geotech Geosub 2 on Geo Reel

  • Ideal for both inorganic constituents and volatile organic compounds
  • Enough lift to sample from depths to 85 meters (280 feet) or more
  • Dedicated or portable systems
  • Made from easy-to-decontaminate materials
  • Adaptable for high-rate purging and low-flow sampling
  • Rugged enough for long term sampling