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Denver, Colorado – February 2, 2015

Geotech Environmental Equipment Acquires AquaVISION
Environmental and the Colloidal Borescope Product Line

Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of AquaVISION Environmental and the Colloidal Borescope product line. Geotech has customers and demand as a result of distributing the Borescope for over 14 years. AquaVISION developed the Borescope through a Technology Transfer with Oak Ridge National Labs in 1999.

The Colloidal Borescope was developed by a team of research scientists to accurately determine groundwater velocity and direction in a cost effective manner. The Borescope measurement technique uses existing monitoring wells for assessment thus reducing site assessment costs. It can determine the spatial distribution of local groundwater velocity, both in magnitude and direction. Applications for the Borescope include assessing groundwater capture zones, planning locations for monitoring and extraction wells, and accurately calibrating groundwater models, tidal influences and industrial hydrology. Environmental site characterization often requires assessment of preferential flow zones to determine the direction and speed contaminants are moving through the groundwater and soil systems.

“Bringing the Borescope under the Geotech brand is a logical extension of our product line. Our Environmental Engineering clientele will recognize this innovation as a powerful tool in their equipment arsenal for site characterization and assessment,” said Jeff Popiel, President and CEO of Geotech Environmental Equipment. “Our engineering team is excited to have the ability to utilize the innovation for product development.”

Geotech, with 107 employees worldwide, has been a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of ground water sampling, monitoring and remediation equipment since 1978. State-of-the-art manufacturing, machining, thermoplastic extrusion, contract manufacturing and injection plastic molding capability allow Geotech to innovate cost-effective solutions to tough environmental problems for its extensive government, consulting and private industry customers. Geotech currently has distribution in 100+ countries including Brazil, Australia, Chile, Mexico, the UK, the Netherlands, and France. In addition to nine domestic offices, Geotech has satellite offices in Spain and China.

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AquaVISION Colloidal Borescope KitAquaVISION Colloidal Borescope Kit