Geotech Redi-Flo2/MP1 Dedicator®
Groundwater Sampling Systems

The Geotech Dedicator® is a turnkey, dedicated sampling system designed for easy installation and operation. Each system is custom-built to well specifications, completely assembled, and tested prior to shipment. Dedicator® Systems include a low profile well seal, Happy Hose!® (integrated motor lead, safety cable and discharge tubing), a Grundfos® Redi-Flo2/MP1 2" electric submersible pump and all clamps and fittings. The well seal incorporates an access port for water level indicators when the sample tube is removed; low-clearance adapters are available to fit our standard 2" and 4" (5.08 and 10.2 cm) well seals in virtually any well pipe size.

  • Grundfos® Redi-Flo2/MP1 2" electric submersible pump
  • Happy Hose!® integrated motor lead, safety cable and discharge tubing
  • Custom-built for each well and factory tested
  • Well identification tag
  • In-the-well sample tube storage
  • Fits 2" (5.08 cm) or larger wells
  • UL rated weather-resistant electrical connection with cap
  • Water level access port
  • Well seal provides a liquid tight barrier
  • Ideal for traditional or micropurge techniques


Full Load Rating
Maximum Current
Motor Protection

Current Overload
  .5 HP/220V/3PH/400 Hz/5.5A
5.5 amps
Thermal Overload
Thermik Geratebau, Series Sy6 (176°F/80°C)
Incorporated into Redi-Flo VFD (9.0A for 10 seconds

Check Valve
Wetted Materials   316 stainless steel/PTFE
Minimum Cv Rating   1.7
Working Pressure   108 psi (7.45 bar)
Maximum Supported Load   160 lbs. (72.57 kg)

Piping Connection
Discharge Port   1/2" Female NPT

Operating Conditions    
Minimum Ambient Fluid Temp.   34°F (1°C)
Maximum Ambient Fluid Temp.   80°F (28°C)

Motor Fluid
Motor Lubricating Fluid   Deionized (DI) Water

Dimensions & Weight (Pump & Motor)    
Dimensions   11.3" L x 1.81" D (28.7cm L x 4.6cm D)
Weight   5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg), excluding motor lead

2" and 4" Dedicator® Well Seal Specifications
    Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
2" OD Dedicator®   2.38" (6cm) 3.90" (9.9cm)
4" OD Dedicator®   4.50" (11.4cm) 5.96" (15.1cm)
Minimum Height Clearance Required   3.41" (8.7cm)  

Happy Hose!® Cable Specifications
Happy Hose!®   1/2" (1.3cm) I.D. x 3/4" (1.9cm) O.D.
Hose Materials   PVC clear, nylon reinforced
Cable Materials:   Yellow, PVC jacketed
Cable O.D.   0.46" (1.16cm)
PTFE-lined Polyethylene Happy Hose!®    
Happy Hose!®   1/2" (1.3cm) I.D. x 5/8" (1.6cm) O.D.
Hose Materials   Polyethylene, PTFE-lined
Cable Materials:   Yellow, Polyethylene jacketed
Cable O.D.   0.46" (1.16cm)

All Happy Hose!® Cable Specifications
Cable Construction

  • Conductors: 16 AWG
  • Installation: PVC or PE .094 Wall Nominal
  • Jacket: 0.125" Wall Nominal
Breaking Strength   1.7
Weight   480 lbs. (218kg)
Maximum Supported Load   0.22 lbs. per foot (0.33 kg per meter)

Redi-Flo2 Performance Curves

Geotech Dedicator® system flow rates have been modeled by the engineering staff. The performance curve shown above can be used to estimate maximum flow rates achievable under normal field conditions, taking into account installation depth and friction loss from tubing and other system components. For more information, please call 1-800-833-7958.

Dedicator System DimensionsDedicator Well Cap Top Dimensions
Use the diagram to determine dimensions (A, B, C, and D) for each well.

A  Length from the top of casing to the bottom of the pump
B  Total depth of the well, measured from the top of casing
C  Well diameter
D  Well material and pip size schedule

Installation is as simple as lowering the pre-assembled Geotech Dedicator® System into the well and tightening the compression bolts with the allen wrench provided. To operate the pump, connect the electrical port on the well seal to a Geotech VFD with an extension cable. Power up the Geotech VFD and you are ready to pump.

Dedicator Well Cap

RZ-900 Check Valve

The check valve is a simple-to-use, easy-to-clean fitting designed for use with the Grundfos® MP1 2" pump.

The valve is constructed of 316 stainless steel and PTFE and is operated by pressure generated during the use of the MP1 2" pump. As the ball lifts, water is allowed to flow through the valve to reach the surface; the ball will seat itself once the pump stops.








Dedicator Sampling System