Geotech dispos-a-filter™
Disposable Versapor® Filter Capsules

The Geotech Versapor® dispos-a-filter™ is a disposable filter capsule designed to perform in-line water filtration in the field. Our filters have a narrow pore distribution and high void volume which allows excellent liquid flow rates at low differential pressures. The dispos-a-filter™ readily fits on ¼" (.635 cm) to ½" (1.3 cm) sized sample tubing with a specially designed sample tubing adapter.

•  Ideal for field or laboratory use

•  No pre-rinsing, cleaning, or assembly required

•  High flow rates – helps minimize your sampling time

•  Certified analysis for 68 metals and 7 anions in ppb range

•  ISO 9000 lot tested and traceable

•  Eliminates filtering cross contamination

•  Use with our geopump™ peristaltic pump, hand pump, or pressurized bailers

•  Ask for the dispos-a-filter™ universal sample tubing adapter

Micron Size
  0.45, 1.0, 5.0, 10.0
Effective Filter Area

  700 cm2 (High Capacity)
350 cm2 (Medium Capacity)
20 cm2 (Low Capacity)
Thickness   191 μm
Tensile Strength   3000 psi (206 bar)
Void Volume   > 80%
(boiling water)

< 3%

Water Flow
(ASTM: F-317-72)
(ml ⁄ min ⁄ cm2 @ 10 psi)


Bubble Point
(ASTM: F-316-80)
Kerosene (psi)
Water (psi)

Versapor Filter Membrane
  White acrylic copolymer coating over a non-woven substrate
Maximum Operating Temp.   190°F (88°C)

Universal Sample Tubing Adapters

The dispos-a-filter™ Universal Sample Tubing Adapter is a hose-barbed fitting designed specifically to attach to the dispos-a-filter™ capsule and any flexible sampling tube for in-line sampling.

The sturdy wing-nut design ensures an easy, snug fit for continuous sampling integrity.






.45 Micron High Capacity dispos-a-filter 10 Micron High Capacity dispos-a-filter
Geotech .45 Micron
High Capacity
Geotech 10 Micron
High Capacity
.45 Micron Medium Capacity dispos-a-filterGeotech Small Barbed Filter
Geotech .45 Micron Medium Capacity
Geotech Small
Barbed Filter