Geotech GeoSorb Selective Product Recovery

The GeoSorb is designed to recover hydrocarbons from 2" or 4" (5cm or 10cm) and larger wells. The GeoSorb System consists of a stainless steel screened cage assembly and a product selective absorbent. The system is lowered down the well where it passively absorbs free product.

  • Designed for 2" (5cm) or 4" (10cm) and larger wells
  • Designed to recover the product, not the water
  • Absorbent sock refills available in cases of 12, or individually
  • Heavy-duty #304 stainless steel screen assembly
  • FEP coated stainless steel hanger
  • Ballast weight for optimal submergence
    2" GeoSorb   4" GeoSorb
Screen Material
  #304 SS, perforated   #304 SS, perforated
Screen Mesh Holes Size

  5/32" dia. x 3/16" staggered ctrs.
(3.97 mm x 4.76 mm)
  5/32" dia. x 3/16" staggered ctrs.
(3.97 mm x 4.76 mm)
Available Screen Length   36.0" (91.4 cm)   36.0" (91.4 cm)
Screen Outside Diameter   1.750" (44.5 mm)   3.670" (93.2 mm)
Actual Overall Assy. Length   37 1/8" (94.3 cm)   36 5/8" (93.0 cm)
Weight with Ballast
  1.73 lbs. (.78 kg)   5.19 lbs. (2.35 kg)
Min. Well Inside Diameter   2" (51 mm)   4" (102 mm)
Absorbent Sock Diameter   1.5" (38.1 mm)   3.0" (76.2 mm)
Absorbent Sock Length   36" (91.4 cm)   36" (91.4 cm)
Absorbent Sock Material
  Polypropylene filler contained in a white polypropylene fabric sock   Polypropylene filler contained in a white polypropylene fabric sock
Rated Absorption*
  2.16 gal. (8.2 L) per case of 12
.72 qt. (.68L) per sock
  8.52 gal. (32.3L) per case of 12
2.8 qt. (2.65L) per sock
*The product absorption rate is determined by the viscosity of the product and can vary
depending on site conditions.

Prior to use, always check depth and thickness of product layer in well!

Simple to use, just 4 easy steps:

1. Insert sock into stainless steel screen assembly.
     Do not lower sock down well without screen assembly.

2. Attach safety cable or cord to the hanger on the screen assembly.

3. Slowly lower into the well to maximize exposure to product layer.
     In long-term applications, set unit to accommodate water level
     fluctuations over the full length of screened assembly.

4. Retrieve screen assembly, remove used sock, dispose according to
     local ordinances.

Inserting 2 inch GeoSorb sock into screen assembly

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2 inch and 4 inch GeoSorbs
2" (5cm) Well Size and 4" (10cm) Well Size