Geotech Small Diameter Filter Scavenger™

The Geotech Small Diameter Filter Scavenger™, is a hydrocarbon recovery system capable of recovering a wide range of floating hydrocarbons from groundwater wells. The system is designed to fit into a 4" diameter (10cm) well or larger.

  • Unique design makes product recovery more efficient than total fluids
  • Highly efficient water-free product recovery
  • Ideal for wells with static fluid levels down to 150' (46.1 m)
  • Operates reliably in fluctuating water levels
  • Uses oleophilic/hydrophobic membrane to separate and recover hydrocarbons from water table
  • 100% portable for use well to well or site to site
  • Custom applications available to meet your site specific conditions
  • Fully automated operation
  • Complemented results with use of water table depression pump (dual pumping system)
  • Explosion Proof controls available for use in hazardous environments (Class I, Div 1)
Applications   4" (10.3cm) or larger recovery wells with fluctuating water tables
(12" standard fluctuation range)
Down-well Modules
Down-well Modules
4" SDFS 3½" (9cm) O.D.
6" SDFS 5½" (14cm) O.D.
Recovery Rate   Up to .5 gpm (1.9 lpm) = 720 gal/day
@ 90' (2,750 L/day @ 27m)
Max. Operating Depth   150 feet (46.1m)
  4" – 3.5" dia. x 69" length/50 lbs.
(9cm x 176.9 cm/22.7 kg)
6" – 5.5" dia. x 69" length/50 lbs.
(14cm x 176.9cm/22.7 Kg)
Power Requirements   115/230 VAC 50/60 HZ
Oil/Water Separation   Oleophilic/hydrophobic membranes for gasoline, diesel, and other hydrocarbons.
Base System  

Geotech Small Diameter Filter Scavenger™ downwell module with
100 ft. (30m) of probe cable,
100 ft. (30m) pump power cord,
100 ft. (30m) of 3/8" product tubing,
12 volt power supply in a NEMA 4 enclosure.


Geotech Environmental Control Module with NEMA 4X enclosure, in-line water table depression pump, tank-full shut-off, spare parts kit (fuses, bulbs, union), winch & shroud, XP NEMA 7 controls.

The Geotech Small Diameter Filter Scavenger™ (SDFS) uses a floating intake cartridge which follows the fluctuations of the water table up to 12" (30cm). Systems capable of handling 3' (1 m) of water table fluctuations are available upon request.
Typical configuration of a Small Diameter Filter Scavenger
Typical configuration of a Small Diameter Filter Scavenger™ with water table depression pump system
The intake cartridge consists of a float and a specially treated oleophilic/hydrophobic membrane. This unique membrane allows hydrocarbons to enter the cartridge while simultaneously repelling water. The system reduces the thickness of hydrocarbon layers down to a sheen. It can be operated either alone or in conjunction with a water table depression pump.






Geotech Small Diameter Filter Scavenger Small Diameter Filter Scavenger deployed
In-well-view of a Small Diameter Filter Scavenger
  Submerged in-well-view of a
Geotech Small Diameter
Filter Scavenger™