Portable Automatic Sampling Pumps

Geotech supplies auto-samplers designed for unattended sample collection from either open channel or closed conduit environments for later fluid analysis. Discrete sampling is the collection of one individual sample, whereas composite sampling involves the combination of two or more samples being collected at consecutive time intervals. Fluids collected are securely stored onboard the sampler and chilled to maintain sample integrity.

Common applications include water and wastewater monitoring, industrial pre-treatment, COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 early detection programs, permit compliance, and other applications where unattended sampling is needed.

Geotech Auto Sampler

Geotech Auto Sampler System

The Geotech Auto Sampler automatically collects numerous individual discrete samples taken at regular intervals over a period of time. The flow-weighted sample collected is representative of an average concentration of any substance being analyzed. Designed for portable or dedicated applications, the Geotech Auto Sampler is effective in outfall, in-stream, manhole, and open-fluid sample point applications.

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YSI ProSample Portable Automatic Samplers

YSI ProSample PM-12 & P-12
YSI ProSample PM-12 YSI ProSample P-12

YSI's ProSample portable samplers feature a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate sampling in applications such as surface water, storm water, and wastewater. With multiple samplers to choose from and the ability to sample based on time, analog signal, digital pulse, and/or measurements from an SDI-12 device (ProSample P-12 and ProSample PM-12 models only), the ProSample can be the final piece of your monitoring installation. Composite sampling can be completed with all models, while discrete sampling can be completed with the ProSample P and ProSample P-12.

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YSI ProSample Specifications
YSI ProSample User Manual