Rental Landfill Gas Monitors

Landfill gas is made up primarily of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), but small quantities of other gases are also present. The EPA has determined that some of these compounds are carcinogenic or associated with non-carcinogenic health effects.

Specialized landfill gas (LFG) systems are used to extract, collect and control gas migration and surface emissions. LFG field monitoring is important for the safe and successful operation of LFG systems.

Portable landfill gas monitors aid landfill technicians test for emissions, and acquire and record data. This information is used to minimize gas migration and maximize gas recovery. Geotech rents Landtec GEM monitors, the best in the industry.

Landtec GEM™ 5000 Portable Gas Analyzer

Landtec GEM 5000

The GEM™ 5000 is designed specifically for use on landfills to monitor Landfill Gas (LFG) collection and control systems. The GEM™ 5000 samples and analyzes the methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen content of landfill gas with options for additional analysis.

  • Measures % CH4, CO2 and O2 Volume, static pressure and differential pressure
  • Calculates balance gas, flow (SCFM) and calorific value
  • Six times more accurate and twice as fast
  • Lighter and more compact
  • Certified intrinsically safe for landfill use
  • Calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025
  • CO and H2S (on Plus models only)
  • 3-year warranty with optional service plan
  • NEW annual recommended factory service
  • Available with GPS and additional gas detection

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Landtec GEM 5000 Specifications
Landtec GEM 5000 Operating Manual

Landtec GEM™ 2000 Plus

Landtec GEM 2000 Plus

Portable system that monitors landfill gas extraction systems accurately and efficiently. Measures CO & H2S gases and the percent per volume of CH4, CO2 and O2. Also measures static and differential pressure. Records site and well conditions.

  • Measures CO & H2S gases
  • Measures % CH4, CO2 and O2 volume, static pressure and differential pressure
  • Calculates balance gas, flow (SCFM) and calorific value (KW or BTU)
  • Displays % LEL of CH4, Peak CH4 and user-defined comments
  • Records site and well conditions
  • Extended operation (10-14 hours use from one charge)
  • Accepts protocols
  • Two instruments in one (GA and GEM mode)

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Landtec GEM 2000 Plus Specifications
Landtec GEM 2000 Plus Operation Manual