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SonTek manufactures affordable, reliable acoustic Doppler instrumentation for water velocity measurement in oceans, rivers, lakes, canals, harbors, estuaries, and laboratories.

The FlowTracker2 handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) is trusted by hydrologists, researchers and scientists across the globe. Improved and perfected, the acoustic-based ADV sensor offers unparalleled accuracy, particularly in low flow, and in the shallowest water of any wading device.

The RiverSurveyor M9 is a river discharge measurement system without the traditional limitations. Small, portable and easy to use, the patented and award-winning RiverSurveyor measures in extreme flood or drought situations within a single instrument, and without changing user settings.

Geotech rents the SonTek FlowTracker 2 and RiverSurveyor M9 nationwide.

SonTek FlowTracker®2

Water Velocity Meter

SonTek FlowTracker2
FlowTracker2 with Probe Attached

The new FlowTracker®2 (FT2) handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) has all the technology you have grown to know and trust with the original FlowTracker, but now comes with functional, modernized features (Bluetooth, GPS and large color screen, to name only a few) based on the evaluation and feedback from hydrologists, researchers and scientists who have made the FlowTracker their instrument of choice.

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SonTek FlowTracker2 Specifications
SonTek FlowTracker2 User's Manual
SonTek FlowTracker2 Quickstart Guide

SonTek RiverSurveyor® M9

SonTek RiverSurveyor M9SonTek Hydroboard
RiverSurveyor M9 SonTek Hydroboard used as a floatable platform for Riversurveyor systems

The RiverSurveyor® M9 system give a new perspective to the notion of measuring open channel hydraulics. Using SonTek's exclusive SmartPulseHD™, multiple acoustic frequencies are fused with precise bandwidth control for the most robust and continuous shallow-to-deep discharge measurements ever. A deterministic microcontroller expertly apportions the proper acoustics, pulse scheme, and cell size to get the highest definition possible so you can focus on the measurement, not the instrument setup. The system even has a vertical beam for precise channel definition and it's all designed to work intuitively.

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