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TURBIDITY – an expression of the optical properties of a liquid that causes light rays to be scattered and absorbed rather than transmitted in straight lines through a sample.

Although turbidity is not an inherent property of water, as is temperature or pH, the recognition of turbidity as an indicator of the environmental health of water bodies has increased, resulting in a growing demand for high-quality and objective turbidity measurements. To meet this demand, relatively inexpensive, yet sophisticated instruments have been developed.

Geotech offers a wide variety of portable turbidity meters and can help you select the most appropriate instrument for your project objectives.

Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter

Geotech Portable Turbidity MeterGeotech Portable Turbidity Meter Kit

Geotech’s Portable Turbidity Meter is designed to withstand the rigor of field analysis with laboratory precision and repeatability. The large membrane keypad makes operating the instrument simple when wearing gloves. The bright display can be viewed in varying light conditions.

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Hach 2100Q & 2100Qis
Portable Turbidimeters

Hach 2100Q

Hach Portable Turbidimeters offer a combination of advanced features, such as assisted calibration, simplified data transfer, and measurement innovation, for the most accurate results every time.

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Hach 2100Q and 2100Qis Specifications
Hach 2100Q and 2100Qis User Manual
Hach 2100Q and 2100Qis Basic User Manual