Specialized Water Sampling Equipment

Drum and tank samplers to sample anything from muck and sludge, to samples from 55 gallon drums,
tank cars, streams, lakes, and lagoons.

Snap Sampler® passive groundwater sampling system that seals groundwater samples in situ.

Drum & Tank Samplers

Drum and Tank Samplers

Drum and Tank Samplers are designed for accurate and easy sampling of liquid and sludge from the most common sources – 55 gallon drums, truck and rail tank cars, large tanks, streams, lakes, rivers, and lagoons. They combine innovative features with interchangeable components for a system that is versatile and cost effective.

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Drum & Tank Samplers Specifications

Snap Sampler®
Passive Groundwater Sampling System

Pneumatic Snap Sampler

The Snap Sampler® System reduces sampling costs while providing high sample quality and accuracy. Passive groundwater sampling is a proven alternative to purging and sampling, and the best choice among passive samplers is the Snap Sampler® passive sampling system. Applicable to almost any site where purging and sampling are used, it's also the good alternative in low-yield wells, deep wells and very short water columns that can be challenging for pump systems. The Snap Sampler® passive sampling system provides efficiency and ease of operation – can be used to sample for a wide range of target contaminants.

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Snap Sampler Specifications
Snap Sampler Manual
Snap Sampler Deployment Guide