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Equipment Choices

We stock hundreds of different supplies and environmental equipment for purchase or rent.
Select from quality manufacturers such as Grundfos, In-Situ, YSI, Ion-Science, RAE and many more.

New Technology

At Geotech our engineers and staff are always hard at work redesigning current Geotech equipment and introducing new equipment using customer feed-back. All rental equipment meets manufacturer specifications and represent the latest technology.


Geotech has the largest equipment inventory for sale, and OEM warranty/service parts.

Technical Support

Free technical support is just a phone call away.


Training is free when you visit our home office.


Equipment is calibrated and tested.

Certified Technicians

Professionally trained technicians certified to do warranty service for brands such as Grundfos, YSI and RAE. Have your Geotech equipment serviced by the people who built it, with same day service when needed!


Geotech stands behind the quality of workmanship, warranties, parts and labor.

Calibration and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and calibration programs for your equipment to assure that it works when you need it.

Featured Products

PFC-Free Portable Bladder Pump

Geotech PFAS-Free Portable Bladder Pumps

The PFAS-Free Portable Bladder Pump is designed specifically for sampling perfluroinated chemicals (PFC's) such as perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) in groundwater.


Volumetric Mapping

Geotech Professional Aerial Acquisition and Mapping

Geotech Aerial Acquisition utilizes the latest in UAS technology to capture high-resolution imagery, and powerful processing systems to render real-life visualization tools for engineers, planners, construction teams and others. These models of landscapes, geologic features, and vegetation produce high-resolution design tools that accurately depict terrain and elevations. This data is produced in a significantly shorter time frame than traditional methods, which translates to decreased acquisition costs.


Geotech Soil Sampling Kit

Geotech Soil Sampling Kits

Geotech hand auger kits are ideal for collecting disturbed or undisturbed soil samples near the surface. The rugged stainless steel construction cuts through compact, stony, or gravelly surfaces with ease. Made with exceptional workmanship and materials, the Geotech auger kits are designed for long lasting durability.



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