12 Volt DC Purge Pumps

A purge pump is used to remove stagnant water from a monitoring well prior to sampling. The purged water is replaced by fresh groundwater from the aquifer. Purging may need to be repeated three or more times before the water in the well is representative of the surrounding aquifer.

Geotech's purge pumps use sealed electric centrifugal motors that get their power from a 12 Volt DC source, such as the Geotech 12 Volt DC Portable Rechargeable Battery. They are economical enough to be disposable, but can be easily cleaned and decontaminated for re-use. Unlike most submersible pumps they are not heavy and bulky and can easily fit into 5cm (2") wells.

Different configurations and options are available.

Geotech geosquirt 12V DC Purge Pumps

Single Stage geosquirt
Single Stage geosquirt with 30 ft. (9 m) motorlead
Double Stage geosquirtTriple Stage geosquirt
Double Stage geosquirt
with 60 ft. (18 m) Motorlead
Triple Stage geosquirt
with 90 ft. (27 m) Motorlead

The Geotech geosquirt 12V DC Purge Pump can purge to depths of 27 meters (90'), and is capable of producing flow rates up to 9.5 LPM (2.5 GPM).

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Geotech 12 Volt DC BUuck &
BUuck Plus Controllers

Geotech 12 Volt DC BUuck & BUuck Plus Controllers
BUuck Controller (top)
BUuck Plus Controller (bottom)

The Geotech 12 Volt DC BUuck and BUuck Plus Controllers are simple variable speed controllers that can be used with the geosquirt™ to easily control the flow rate for low flow sampling and purging.

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BUuck Controller Specifications