Leptron Avenger™
Unmanned Helicopter

The Avenger™ helicopter is a efficient high-performance platform for high or low altitude surveillance, photography and sensor deployment. The Avenger offers a fully featured flight system and military grade ground station. Battery propulsion means no power loss and quiet operation with easy field charging.

  • Full Autopilot
    Dual Flight Mode with wireless hand-held and/or GPS based ground station
  • Safety
    Lost communication, low battery and other automated landing functions
  • Wind
    40 MPH MFG recommended for optimal video output (tested up to 65 MPH)
  • High Performance
    Multi-layer carbon fiber, aircraft aluminum and ABS plastic
  • Ready-to-Fly
    No assembly or disassembly to unpack and fly
  • Ultimate Mobility
    Single case for Avenger, batteries, radio, 12" LCD and charger
  • Payload
    10 lbs.
  • Payloads
    Turret cameras, dual FLIR and HD, Night Vision and custom options

Leptron Avenger Side-View

Main Rotor Diameter
Tail Rotor Diameter
Height x Length
Engine Power
Usable Payload
Operational Radius

  1842 mm
285 mm
19.75 in. x 58 in.
10 HP Main Rotor, 2 HP Tail Rotor
10 lbs. (Front or Under)
1 Mile Standard, long-range upgradeable
Turret System, FLIR, SAR, HD Video/Still
Full-Featured Autopilot
Ground station with GPS waypoints, auto takeoff/landing, multi/single waypoints, altitude, velocity, heading, automated battery landing, flight
L, S and C Bands, Encrypted/Un-Encrypted Digital
*Please observe local regulations.
  • Photo Processing
    Ortho-rectified stitching, digital elevation maps, digital surface maps and 3D mapping
  • Ground Station Package
    Drag and drop GPS based software with hardware for automated flights
  • Custom Cameras
    Dual cameras (FLIR/HD), Multi-Spectral, Color Infrared and DSLR zoom packages
  • Payloads
    Chemical sensors, radiological sensors and specialty combination packages
  • Communications
    Analog, Digital, High Definition with long range options
  • GPS Upgrades
    Dual GPS, DGPS and RTK with Anti-Jamming capabilities

•  Avenger™ Electric + Autopilot

•  Wireless Remote Control

•  Tools

•  Battery Charger

•  Hard Case

•  Laser Altimeter

•  2 Flight Batteries

•  12" Carbon Fiber Daylight Readable LCD

•  Spare Blades

•  Voltage Tester

•  Tripod

•  Upgraded GPS (L1 and Glonass)

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> Specifications PDF
> Geotech Precision Aerial Mapping
> Geotech Drone Services
> Geotech UAS Flight Training & Part 107 Certificate Prep Course

See what the Avenger™ can do

Avenger Overview  Avenger™ Overview: 
The Leptron Avenger™ offers simplicity with a single case for the helicopter, video, spare batteries and charger.

Avenger Ease of Flight  Avenger™ – Ease of Flight: 
The Leptron Avenger™ illustrates the simplicity of flight via the wireless remote control. The Avenger autopilot is making 500 flight corrections a second that allows the user to fly the Avenger in even the most challenging weather conditions. The system also illustrates the automated safety element of the 'return home' function to the original GPS location within 12 inches.

Weather Rated  Weather Rated: 
The Leptron Avenger demonstrates its handling in extreme weather conditions of 110 degrees and 10 MPH winds to -10 degrees and 15 MPH winds in snow to 11,990 feet altitude and 55 MPH wind gusts.


Made In USACertified ISO 9001:2015







Avenger in Flight

Avenger with Custom Camera

Avenger with Sony HDR Camera