Soil Gas Vapor and Groundwater Piezometer Kits

Vapor intrusion occurs when there is a migration of vapor-formed from subsurface source enter into an overlying building. There is an increasing awareness that anthropogenic chemicals (e.g., petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents) in soil, groundwater, and sewers and drain lines could pose threats to indoor air quality via the vapor intrusion pathway.

The Soil Vapor and Piezometer Kits are offered in response to a need for manually-operated sampling kits, capable of providing a semi-permanent sampling point for vapor, water level measurements and shallow groundwater sampling investigations. These kits includes everything you need to access and collect samples from depths up to 12 ft., depending on soil characteristics.

Gas Vapor Probe (GVP) Kits

Gas Vapor Probe Kit

Excellent for monitoring and sampling hydrocarbon spill sites, near underground storage tanks and pipelines.

GVP kits use a slide hammer or an electric rotary drive hammer drill and GVP drive extensions to insert a stainless steel GVP tip to the desired sampling depth.

  • Can access the sampling point at depths of 9 ft. with the supplied extensions
  • Sample soil vapor or shallow groundwater
  • Select either Dedicated or Retract-a-Tip Gas Vapor Probe Tips
  • Two types of kits are available:
    - Regular Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    - Heavy-Duty Gas Vapor Probe Kits
  • Can be used for sub-slab vapor monitoring

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Gas Vapor Probe Kits Specifications

Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit

Piezometer Sampling Kit

The Piezometer Sampling Kit provides a semi-permanent sampling point for shallow groundwater sampling investigations. The piezometer extensions feature a 7/8" inside diameter providing ample room for collecting water level elevations. This complete kit includes everything needed to place sampling points to a depth of 12 ft.

  • Built for tough soil conditions
  • Portable for limited access areas
  • Heavy-duty drive points connect to any 4' x 3' piezometer extensions
  • Barbed Twist-to-Lock Connector acts as a dropweight and sampling point

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Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit Specs

Environmental Tubing

Environmental Pump Tubing

Geotech has a full range of high quality tubing in a variety of sizes and materials available in stock for your environmental sampling needs. Tubing is priced per foot or by the roll.

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Environmental Tubing Specifications

Geotech High Vacuum Sampler

Geotech High Vacuum Sampler

The Geotech High Vacuum Sampler uses it's internal compressor to draw air from a sampling point source and then convey the air into a sealable sample bag. The unit's compressor is capable of producing up to -22 inch of Hg vacuum.

Typical applications include sampling soil vapor points and soil vapor extraction systems.

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