Soil Sampling Supplies

Ancillary equipment and consumable supplies that are used in support of soil sampling and measurement activities. Materials such as sample containers or disposable sampling equipment that affect the outcome of environmental soil measurements.

Direct Push Soil Liners

Clear liners for environmental soil sampling requirements.

Direct Push Soil Liners

Geotech Direct Push Soil Core Liners are used for collecting either continuous or depth discrete soil samples in unconsolidated or course-grained soil types. The clear PVC material is ideal for metals, inorganics, chemical, and stratification analysis.

Welded Core Catchers prevent loose soil from sliding out during sampling events.

Designed with safety in mind, the Zipliner Soil Sampling Sleeves are easy-to-open liners using the ZipTool to expose the sample without the need of any sharp cutting blades.

  • Sized for common direct push systems
  • Rigid clear PVC material
  • Extruded in USA by Universal Plastics, a division of Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
  • The ZipTool is the safest opening tool for soil sampling sleeves

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Direct Push Soil Liners Specifications

Soil Sampling Supplies

Retaining Cylinders, Caps, Inserts & Fluoropolymer Film
Retaining Cylinders, Caps and InsertsFluoropolymer Film

Fluoropolymer Film
Designed for sealing or wrapping samples, and as a material on which soil samples may be dissected and examined. For sealing a sample in a liner, select the perforated roll of 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm).

Retaining Cylinders
1/2" to 3" (1.3cm to 7.6cm) Diameters with lengths from 1" to 24" (2.5cm to 61cm)

Plastic Caps
1/2" to 3" (1.3cm to 7.6cm) Diameters

Stainless Steel Cap Inserts
3/4" to 3" (1.9cm to 7.6cm) Diameters

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