Vapor Phase Hydrocarbon
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Petroleum hydrocarbons that comprise free product may partition into subsurface vapor (in-soil gas). The partitioning between phases is determined by dissolution, volatilization, and sorption. Soil vapor extraction and air sparging have been effective in reducing concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in light petroleum products at underground storage tank sites.


Geotech Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (SVE) Rotary Claw SVE

The Geotech Soil Vapor Extraction system is designed to remove hazardous vapors from the subsurface by drawing air through contaminated soil, and volatilizing adsorbed phase pollutants. Geotech SVE systems are ideal for well point or trench type vapor barriers.

The Geotech SVE system works by pulling air through soil that has been saturated with hydrocarbons or other volatile organic compounds, causing these compounds to volatilize. The vapors are then discharged to the atmosphere, through carbon polishing or vapor oxidation.

GAC-V Filters GAC Vessels

Vapor Phase Carbon Media
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is used to filter harmful chemicals from contaminated air. It is composed of black granules of coal, wood, nutshells or other carbon-rich materials.

Activated carbon is a commonly used approach to treat contaminant vapors removed from contaminated soil and groundwater by soil vapor extraction and other cleanup methods. Activated carbon units can be brought to the site and set up relatively quickly. As contaminated air flows through activated carbon, the contaminants sorb (stick) to the surface of the granules and are removed from the air. Vapor Phase Carbon Media can treat a wide range of contaminant vapors including radon.

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GAC-V Filter 100-350 lb. (45.4-159 kg) Specifications
GAC-V Filter 250-2000 lb. (113.4-907.2 kg) Specifications

Dual Rotary Claw Compressor
Dual Rotary Claw Compressor

Air Sparge Systems Rotary Vane Blower

Air sparging is an in-situ technology to remove volatile contaminants dissolved in groundwater. Clean air is injected from a screened well in the saturated zone transforming hydrocarbons from a dissolved phase to a vapor phase. The vapor phase contaminant is then vented through the unsaturated zone where it can be removed with soil vapor extraction (SVE). Air sparging can also be used with other remedial technologies to enhance biodegradation.

System Controllers GECM with Telemetry

Geotech control systems for controlling the operation of electrical environmental remediation and industrial equipment. Site-specific needs can be met on an individual basis from a single flexible platform.